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Bên cạnh những chủ đề quen thuộc xoay quanh Hometown, Education... thì chủ đề Family & Friends (Gia đình và Bạn bè) cũng có tần suất xuất hiện tương đối cao trong phần thi IELTS Speaking. Với một chủ đề có tính bao quát lớn như vậy, việc chuẩn bị kỹ càng cho tất cả câu hỏi sẽ là một thử thách khá lớn đối với bạn. 

Thông qua bài viết này, IDP IELTS sẽ giúp bạn củng cố lại vốn từ vựng thuộc chủ đề Family & Friends, cùng những câu trả lời mẫu giúp bạn có thêm ý tưởng trong việc làm bài thi và chinh phục điểm số cao nhất.

1. Bài mẫu chủ đề Family & Friends - Speaking Part 1

Câu hỏi: How much time do you spend with friends?

I don’t really have much free time since I’m in full-time employment. So normally, I get together with friends once or twice a week for meals or coffee to gossip. We also go on small trips every once in a while to maintain bonds and let off some steam.

Vocabulary ghi điểm: 

  • Get together (phrasal verb): Tụ họp

  • Gossip (v): Chuyện phiếm

  • Every once in a while (idm): Thỉnh thoảng, đôi khi

  • Let off some steam (idm): Giải tỏa căng thẳng, xả hơi

Câu hỏi: Can you describe your family?

I live in a nuclear family, with my parents and a younger brother. My father is an engineer and lives in Aligarh whereas my mother is a homemaker. My brother is currently doing his bachelors in technology in Electronic communication from Dwarahat.

Vocabulary ghi điểm: 

  • Nuclear family: Gia đình bao gồm con cái và bố mẹ ruột.

  • Homemaker (n): Người nội trợ

  • Doing his bachelor's (v): Theo học bằng cử nhân 

Câu hỏi: Is friendship very important to you and why?

Of course, to me, there is no doubt that friends are indispensable. As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”. Not only could they make our lives more interesting, but friends also help us develop a sense of sharing whether they are tangible things or just motivational words of wisdom, especially when we have difficult moments in life.

Vocabulary ghi điểm: 

  • There is no doubt that: Chắc chắn

  • Indispensable (adj): Không thể thiếu được

  • A sense of sharing (n): Ý thức sẻ chia

  • Tangible (adj): Hữu hình

  • Words of wisdom (n): Lời khôn ngoan

2. Bài mẫu chủ đề Family & Friends - Speaking Part 2

Câu hỏi: Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member.

I want to share with you the moment my mother made the decision to launch her own business. Even though my mother is now in her forties, she remains attractive. She is a mother who constantly looks out for her kids and is incredibly compassionate, kind, and attentive. She is both a mother and a friend to me since she always offers me sage advice and is ready to support me through all of the highs and lows in my life. She is such a strong-willed person, which is why I am so proud of her. 

Since my grandparents were often on the go, she had to learn how to deal with difficulties on her own from a young age. I imagine that her difficult childhood helped to shape who she is now. While she was in her forties, she made the decision that she wanted to operate her own clothing boutique. As we all believed it was a pretty bad idea because she would face a lot of competition from other surrounding shops, all of the family members attempted to prevent her from doing it. 

Yet thanks to her tenacity and endurance, she was able to succeed in building her company, which is an example for us all to follow. and I keep telling myself to strive to be as resilient as my mother, a true “wonder woman,” every day.

Vocabulary ghi điểm: 

  • Remain (v): Vẫn

  • Compassionate (a): Trắc ẩn

  • The highs and lows (n): Thăng trầm (trong cuộc sống)

  • Strong-willed (a): Cứng cỏi, kiên quyết

  • Surrounding (a): Bao quanh, phụ cận

  • Attempt (v): Cố thử

  • Tenacity (a): Tính ngoan cường, tính kiên trì

  • Endurance (n): Sức chịu đựng

  • Resilient (a): Sôi nổi; không hay chán nản, không hay nản lòng

Câu hỏi: Talk about your best friend

Anna comes to me as my closest buddy when I think about it. We go back a long way. In fact, we've been buddies since my freshman year of college. To this day, I recall well the first time I met her in grammar class. At first, I mistook her for a chatty and impolite young lady. However, as I got to know Anna better, I found she was a really likable person with whom I shared many interests.

Anna and I are polar opposites in terms of personality. While she is kind and tolerant, I am somewhat irritable and reserved. Anna can easily strike up a conversation with everyone she meets for the first time. As different as our personalities are, we agree on a lot of things, including marriage, job, and life perspectives.

Anna is my best buddy for several reasons. First and foremost, she respects and loves me for who I am. Second, despite her demanding schedule, she is always prepared to provide a sympathetic ear if I am experiencing difficulties or feeling demotivated.

Vocabulary ghi điểm:

  • Go back a long way (idiom): Quen nhau từ lâu rồi

  • Mistake (v): Đánh giá nhầm

  • Likable (adj): Dễ mến

  • Share common interests: Có nhiều sở thích chung

  • Polar opposites (idiom): Cực kỳ đối lập

  • Tolerant (adj): Dễ chịu

  • Strike up a conversation: Bắt chuyện

  • Life perspective: Quan điểm sống

3. Bài mẫu chủ đề Family & Friends - Speaking Part 3

Câu hỏi: In what ways have families in your country changed in recent?

The roles of husbands and wives have changed in recent years. Both spouses have been more open to perform different roles, such as seizing various job opportunities or being more involved in the household. Another change, I think, is the trend to have less children. Parents nowadays think of having smaller families due to high cost of living and career perspectives.

Vocabulary ghi điểm: 

  • Spouse (n): Vợ chồng

  • Involved in the household: Tham gia vào công việc nhà

  • Career perspectives (n): Triển vọng nghề nghiệp

Câu hỏi: Which are more important to you: your family or your friends?

Both are fairly important, but my family takes place in my life that is dear to my heart. Friends may come and go, but I know that my family will always be there for me, no matter what happens in my life and no matter what decisions I take. Nevertheless, my friends are the closest people with whom I can share and discuss things that sometimes are not appropriate to bring up in the family circle.

Vocabulary ghi điểm: 

  • Dear to sb’s heart: Là nơi thân thương với ai

  • Come and go: Đến rồi đi

  • Closest people: Những người gần gũi nhất

  • Share and discuss things: Chia sẻ và thảo luận mọi thứ

  • Bring up in the family circle: Đề cập đến trong phạm vi gia đình

4. Vốn từ vựng bài thi Speaking chủ đề Family & Friends

Cùng khám phá những từ vựng giúp bạn ghi điểm trong phần thi IELTS Speaking chủ đề Family & Friends nhé. Đây là những từ đã được liệt kê theo các khía cạnh khác nhau của chủ đề nhằm giúp bạn ghi nhớ một cách dễ dàng nhất.

Từ vựng xoay quanh chủ đề Family 

Từ vựng

Ý nghĩa

Ví dụ

Parental guidance/ care

Sự hướng dẫn/ quan tâm của bố mẹ

Parental guidance plays a key role in children’s development.

Sibling rivalry

Tranh cãi giữa anh chị em

Sibling rivalry sometimes is caused by the competition between children.

Dysfunctional family

Gia đình không êm ấm

A dysfunctional family can cause a lot of emotional damage to children.

Overprotective parents

Cha mẹ bảo vệ con quá đà

The children of overprotective parents can suffer from mental issues.

Nuclear family

Gia đình nhỏ gồm bố mẹ và con cái sống chung với nhau

One undeniable change in Vietnamese families nowadays is the shift from extended families to nuclear families.

Extended family

Gia đình nhiều thế hệ

Growing up in an extended family has given me many wonderful experiences in terms of the spirit of solidarity and empathy for each other.

A good role model 

Một tấm gương tốt

My older brother is a good role model for me in terms of discipline 

Financial support from family

Sự hỗ trợ tài chính từ gia đình

I have not been receiving financial support from our family for 2 years.

Xem thêm: Nắm trọn bộ từ vựng IELTS chủ đề Family

Từ vựng xoay quanh chủ đề Friends

Từ vựng

Ý nghĩa

Ví dụ

to connect with someone on a deep level

Kết nối được với ai đó một cách sâu sắc

You shouldn't connect with your coworkers on a deep level since they could have their own ambitions

to keep in touch

Giữ liên lạc với ai đó

Nowadays it's easy to keep in touch with friends and family thanks to the internet

to value something

Đánh giá cao/xem trọng một thứ gì đó

I value friendship over most things in life

Emotional support

Hỗ trợ tinh thần

I feel lucky to always receive emotional support from my friends during my darkest times.

Harmonious relationship

Mối quan hệ hoà hợp

I always want to build a harmonious relationship with Lisa - my colleague.

Through ups and downs 

Trải qua thăng trầm

My best friend and I have gone through ups and downs for about 10 years since high school.

Những Idiom thông dụng trong chủ đề Family & Friends


Ý nghĩa

Like father, like son

Cha nào con nấy

Like two peas in a pod

Hai người trong gia đình trông giống nhau.

A spitting image of another family member 

Trông giống ai đó trong gia đình

To be in one’s blood 

Một điều gì đó ăn sâu vào dòng máu của gia đình

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Con nhà tông không giống lông cũng giống cánh

To wear the pants in a family 

To rule the roost

Miêu tả trụ cột gia đình, đảm nhiệm mọi việc to lớn trong nhà

Men make houses, women make homes

Đàn ông xây nhà, đàn bà xây tổ ấm

To be born with a silver spoon in their mouth

Được sinh ra trong một gia đình giàu có và đặc quyền

Flesh and blood

Máu mủ ruột rà

Blood is thicker than water

Một giọt máu đào hơn ao nước lã

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