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As the world continues to open up and border measures are relaxed, many aspiring students are rekindling their goals of studying abroad. 

Also, as we look for convenience and flexibility in this climate, so too are the students and that covers taking the IELTS test as well.  

To cater to test taker needs while supporting their well-being and comfort, IDP IELTS has also adapted to develop IELTS Online, the new way to take the IELTS Academic test right from the comfort of your own home.  

With a roll-out in early 2022 , now you will be able to take your test when you want without any compromise.  

Below, we’ll take you through why IELTS Online will be ideal for you. 

1. Taking The Test In A Familiar Environment 

While our test centres are modern, well equipped and comfortable, nothing will be as familiar and inviting as your own home or setting! 

This means that you can prepare your work desk or station with the essentials including pen and paper as well as prepare your favourite drink by your side as you take the test. 

Although this advantage is slight, it can actually help you concentrate better as there will be zero external distractions around. 

2. More Time To Prepare & Schedule 

Because the IELTS tests are held with other students, there will often be a need for limited timeslots at our test centres - many of which might be rather inconvenient for you. 

This will cause you to book a test at a date when you are rather unprepared. The IELTS test comprises of four vastly different components - the reading, speaking, writing and listening tests, all of which need ample preparation that includes practicing sample tests. 

With IELTS Online, you can spend less time worrying about timelines and spend it getting better prepared for your test. 

3. Reduced Need To Travel & Save Costs

Travelling is a chore and we all know it! Whether you are taking public transportation or spending more on a taxi, you’d probably rather want to take the test right at home. 

This way, you save time travelling plus save that extra sum of money you can put to better use for your living expenses when you start studying abroad. 

4. Reduced Pressure & Stress During Test Day Itself 

Did you know that too much stress can actually affect you negatively during a test?  

During the tests at the centres, you will be taking the assessment with other candidates which could add unwanted stress on you, plus having invigilators walking around could also serve as a distraction for you. 

The IELTS Online test eliminates all that, allowing you to fully concentrate on the examination and what you need to do. 

5. Safe Environment Without Risk Of Interaction With Others 

We place your safety as our number one priority - that’s why we developed the IELTS Online Test, allowing you to remove the risks of interaction with others during this challenging period. 

A woman doing IELTS at home on her laptop

What You Must Know About IELTS Online 

1. The Test Format Will Be The Same Across All Parts 

The test setting will be similar to that of the IELTS on computer test. 

As for the four test formats - Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking, there will be no change. 

2. The Speaking Test Will Be Real-Time  

To ensure authenticity and to test your true ability to communicate in English, the speaking test will be done in real-time face to face with a human examiner.  

This will be conducted through our integrated video call speaking software. 

3. Professional standards and test recognition will be upheld 

We are in the midst of consulting with universities, employers and other users which currently accepts IELTS, to confirm that they will also accept IELTS Online – and we expect this new way of taking the test will be widely recognised by institutions across the world. 

Ace Your IELTS on paper Test With IDP Today 

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