• Your results will be released 13* calendar days after you sit the test if you took the IELTS on paper *Applicable for paper-based standard IELTS (A/GT) and paper-based or computer based IELTS for UKVI (A/GT) tests only

• However, results will be available after only 5-7 days if the IELTS test was taken on computer.

• If you took the IELTS Life Skills test (A/B), results will be available after 7 calendar days only.

• You will only receive one copy of your Test Report Form. Your TRF will either be sent to you via courier or will be ready for pick up at IDP Vietnam offices. Charges for courier services and/or overseas postage will be passed onto you.

• If you have nominated institutions to receive copies of your IELTS test results when booking, these will be sent automatically on your behalf (any additional copies will incur administration charge/s).

The IELTS partners respect all test takers’ privacy and cannot comment on a particular person.  

The general policy of IELTS is to ensure test integrity and to promote genuine reporting of results by test takers. IDP Education acts to prevent malpractice and discourage false reports of results such as false TRF’s. As a part of encouraging genuine reporting of results, recognising organisations which have TRFs submitted to them by test takers are able to verify the TRF and test results on our Online Verification System.  In addition, our test integrity policy includes a principle that test takers who commit malpractice may be banned from sitting all IELTS tests for up to two years.



雅思考试的听力和阅读部分满分为 40 分,然后会转换成 1-9 分的等级分。

听力和阅读考试包含 40 道题,每答对一题得 1 分(因此,考生最高可得 40 分)。 等级分从 1 分至 9 分不等,依据原始分数评分。