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The Whistleblower Protection Policy is intended to encourage and promote honest and ethical behaviour by providing a framework for employees and stakeholders to escalate concerns about actual, suspected or anticipated wrongdoing within IDP.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure all employees, contractors and IELTS candidates are able to report instances, or suspected instances, of unethical, improper, unlawful or undesirable conduct without fear of intimidation or reprisal.

This Policy applies to all employees, contractors, consultants of the IDP and IELTS candidates. We act in the best interest of a staff member/ candidates who raises a complaint under this policy to protect them from victimisation, adverse reaction or intimidation and the public disclosure of their identity. Support and protection of whistleblowers is considered an important aspect of all managers’ obligations.

All staff, IELTS candidates and IELTS stakeholders are permitted and encouraged to report under this Policy to any IDP IELTS staff members whom they are comfortable approaching either in person or to the contact details below: IDP Education (Vietnam)

IELTS Department

161 Hai Ba Trung, Vo Thi Sau Street, Dist 3, HCMC

Email: |

IELTS 雅思英文考试相关问题


雅思考试的听力和阅读部分满分为 40 分,然后会转换成 1-9 分的等级分。

听力和阅读考试包含 40 道题,每答对一题得 1 分(因此,考生最高可得 40 分)。 等级分从 1 分至 9 分不等,依据原始分数评分。

雅思如何评分? 通过这段短视频,了解雅思考试所有四个部分的评分标准