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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is taken by over 3 million candidates over the last years. It is known as the world’s most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test for people who want to study, work and live at English-speaking countries.

11,000 organisations in 140 countries around the world have recognised IELTS test results as proof of English language efficiency. IELTS result is required in your applications to educational institutions, employers, professional associations and governments.

IELTS test is ensured to be fair and unbiased for all test takers who are different in nationality, background, gender, lifestyle or location. Its content has developed by an international team of Experts and undergoes extensive research since 1989.

You can take IELTS on paper or on computer, Academic test or General Training test depending on the organisation you are applying for and your plans in the future.

IELTS test format

Taking the IELTS test, you have to complete all 4 skills including listening, reading, writing and speaking. The total test time is under three hours. You will take the Listening, Reading and Writing tests all on the same day one after the other, with no breaks in between. If you choose to take IELTS on paper, your Speaking test may be on the same day as the other three tests or up to seven days before or after that, depending on your test centre. If you choose to take IELTS on computer, Listening, Reading and Writing tests will be completed using a computer and Speaking test will be held on same day.

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Why is the IELTS format fairer for test takers?

You deserve a fair chance to do your best. That’s why, unlike other tests, IELTS gives you a quiet room for an individual Speaking test with no distractions or interruptions.

Furthermore, our face-to-face Speaking test will be conducted with a live IDP examiner, as we believe it is the most effective way of assessing your speaking skills and prompts a more lifelike performance.

IELTS also recognises that people have different approaches to answering questions. For example, we allow you to answer questions within the Reading test and the Writing test in the order that suits you or make changes to your answers during the hour of each test.

Why choose IELTS?

It is the test for study − thousands of the world’s most reputable universities and colleges will accept your IELTS results as evidence of your English language proficiency.

It is the test for professionals − professional registration bodies in many fields will accept an IELTS result, including accounting, engineering, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and teaching bodies in many countries. This means that after completing your studies, you may need to take the test in order to gain professional registration in an English-speaking country. If you choose IELTS as the test you take to enter university, you will be familiar with the IELTS test format when you sit it again for professional registration.

It is the test for migration − IELTS is required by governments in more countries than any other English language test as a requirement for permanent residency. The governments of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand accept IELTS results.

It’s the test that’s fairer to you – did you know that IELTS is the only high-stakes English language test where your Speaking test is one-on-one with an examiner in a private room where you will not be interrupted by other test takers? There are no computers, no technical problems and no distractions.