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As the first computer-delivered IELTS exam center in Vietnam , IDP's IELTS test center at 15 -17 Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi always impresses candidates by its international standard quality. A computer-based test is held every day with a maximum of 2 tests, releasing results within 3-5 days, suitable for candidates who can take a computer-based test confidently. 

IDP offers free exam preparation materialsexternal icon including extensive practice questions, mock tests and video tutorials from experts, in-depth webinars, and the effective IELTS by IDP app.

To help candidates choose their most suitable test format, IDP also organizes a paper-based IELTS test in Ha Noi with the same time, test structure as the computer-based test. Offering modern equipment and international standard bluetooth headsets, this will bring a perfect experience for all candidates.

FREE online IELTS Preparation Course worth 1,400,000 VND

Book your test with us and get free accessexternal icon to the practice questions and quizzes, videos which help you fix common mistakes and Ebook IELTS tips for practicing all skills only at IDP.

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IDP IELTS on Computer - IDP Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi 提供的考试日期

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  • 最低


  • 7 天内
  • 14 天内
  • 30 天内
  • 60 天内
  • 90 天内


  • 雅思培训类考试
  • 雅思学术类考试
  • UKVI 雅思学术类考试
  • UKVI 雅思培训类考试
  • 雅思生活技能类 A1 考试
  • 雅思生活技能类 B1 考试


  • 纸笔形式
  • 机考形式

IELTS 雅思英文考试相关问题


雅思考试的听力和阅读部分满分为 40 分,然后会转换成 1-9 分的等级分。

听力和阅读考试包含 40 道题,每答对一题得 1 分(因此,考生最高可得 40 分)。 等级分从 1 分至 9 分不等,依据原始分数评分。