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Hotcourses International is part of the IDP Connect which is founded in 1996. IDP Connect is an extensive portfolio of educational websites that aim to help people of all ages and backgrounds find the right course, institution, or training for them. The platform lists all degree opportunities, institutions, and options available in 78 destination countries. In addition to this list, which currently contains over 350,000 departmental information, you can learn about the entry requirements for educational institutions, and articles containing real student experiences.

Reaching 47 million students annually with its content in local languages, the platform provides Ultimate Search service to help students find suitable schools by comparing university entrance conditions with their GPA, budgets and IELTS scores, personal preferences.

Hotcourses International is an IDP company and IDP is one of the world’s biggest student placement companies. With Turkish content, Hotcourses Turkey offers free and easy to reach resources for students which is living in Turkey.

As an international student, you can put aside all your difficulties in searching for departments and universities, this matching tool offers you the opportunity to personalize your research. While doing this, you will be able to reach the most suitable department and university for yourself, thanks to its simple and convenient interface that you will proceed step by step.

The matching tool offers the most accurate options by calculating the country, university and department they want to study in line with students' qualifications, grade point averages and personal preferences, including career goals. Thus, you can simultaneously access detailed information from the database of approximately 159,000 programs, 1,479 educational institutions and 156 different fields, from tuition fees to post-employment visa options, from scholarship opportunities to career opportunities. Moreover, there are many country options such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, including England.

If you want to communicate with universities, many institutions on the site offer you this opportunity. In addition, if you want to learn more about the schools you plan to study, the site allows you to download university brochures for free. Also by subscribing to the Hotcourses Turkey page and its social media channels, you can be informed about international education news and current information.

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