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How can you send your IELTS score to organizations?

If the school or institution you are applying for accepts the test results electronically, the results can be sent by IDP IELTS Turkey without any charge. 

We can easily share your IELTS results electronically five times a day with institutions that accept an electronic Test Report Form (TRF). For this, the institution must be registered in the IELTS system.

If you do not know whether your institution accepts electronic results submission, please contact your institution first. If you want it checked by IDP, please fill out the Electronic Results Submission Form and send it to or

If the institution you want to share results does not accept the electronic submission, we may send your Test Report Form as hard copy. For this, please fill out the DHL TRF Submission Form and send it to or

The sending of the Test Result Form is made by DHL and the shipping fee and the printing fee of the forms are requested from the student.*

Your DHL shipments will be sent to the institutions you request within 5 business days. Printing and shipping fee is charged for each shipment request. Your result document will be sent directly to the organizations you specified on your request form. If the addresses to be sent are reported missing in the form, IDP is not responsible for this deficiency.

*The DHL amount you will pay will be specified after submitting the TRF form. Shipment will be made after making the payment and sharing the receipt.

Test Result Form is valid for 2 years. The printing or sending of documents, which exceed even one day of two years, cannot be made in any way. The results sent to the institutions are must follow by the candidates. IDP Turkey is not responsible for any technical error that may occur in the system.

ATTENTION: Choosing Recognising Organization during registration to send your results does not mean that electronic submission will be completed. In order to fulfill your request, you must fill the form and send it to your test centre. IDP is not responsible for the failure of electronic submissions without form.

What should I do if I need extra Test Report Form?

When your IELTS results are announced you can receive only one (1) Test Report Form (TRF). If your TRF is lost or damaged or you need another Test Result Form, you need to fill out the Additional TRF Request Form and send it to or Each Test Result Form (TRF) fee costs 500 Turkish Liras. You can pay it by bank transfer. If you want it to be sent to your address, do not forget to pay the extra shipping fee specified in the form.

Bank Account Details 



IBAN: TR50 0006 2000 2340 0006 2959 88

Corporate Code: 3326

Branch No: 234

Please do not forget to write FULL NAME – TRF to explanation. 

TRF is valid for two years. The printing or sending of documents, which exceed even one day of two years, cannot be made in any way.