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Listening and Speaking skills

Watching movies or TV shows can help strengthen your Speaking and Listening skills. When watching TV shows, think about how things are described. You can define different events using different adjectives, idioms and slang. Try to predict what will happen in the next part using a similar language.

Cultural References

Watching different shows will also help you learn about different cultural references. Learning these phrases will make it easier for you to express yourself with up-to-date references, as some of them are more widely used. Listen carefully to the idioms and phrases used in the TV show or movie you watch. Then try to use what you have learned in your daily life. But remember that some expressions can be used only while speaking.

Different Accents

We can easily access the series and movies from different parts of the world whenever we want. In this way, we also get the chance to hear different accents from all over the world. Listening to different accents, like American, British and Australian, is a practice for the IELTS Listening.

Also, note the differences between accents in different parts of a country. For example, the English accent may differ depending on location. Although both are part of England, the accent of someone living in London will be different from someone in Manchester. As a result, it will be useful to be familiar to different accents in order not to make a typo in the IELTS Listening due to accents.

Correct Pronunciation

While watching TV series / movies, you not only learn new words or phrases, but also learn how to pronounce these words. You learn how to pronounce a word, where to stress and how it makes the sentence flow. When listening to the speech of one of the characters, pay attention to the tone and accent. You can also hear how speakers pause, gather their thoughts and phrases during a conversation.


Learning new words is a great advantage of watching something. Depending on what you watch, you can hear phrases and words used in the past and present. Note the words and phrases that you often hear while watching. Learn the meaning of these words, their pronunciation and how they are used. Then try to use it in writing or speaking. Being sure you know how to spell words will make your job easier in IELTS Writing and Listening.


Try watching the TV show or movie without subtitles to improve your listening skills. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, rewind and watch the same scene with subtitles.

Have fun!

Preparing for IELTS is not just working from books or solving sample questions. At the same time, using English in different situations you encounter during the day is also part of this study. It is said that people learn things quickly if they have fun. You can learn more while watching a TV show you love. When you immerse yourself in the series, you learn new words and phrases without even realizing it. As soon as you start to imitate the lines of the characters, you will realize that your English improves naturally.