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Improve your reading skills

You may find it difficult to read quickly and accurately in another language – around 10% of people even have trouble improving their native language reading skills. is fighting. According to a study, the ability of children to play video games for 80 minutes a day is more developed than those who work with traditional learning methods for more than a year. Of course, the game you choose should contain enough text to improve your reading skills.

Be a better listener

Gone are the days of text-based video games. Today, games are often voiced by talented actors with various accents, so playing games will compare you with many different accents. The best way to improve your listening skill is to listen to something you find interesting. Your listening skills will improve significantly while playing a game you like.

Develop all skills while working for one

You can never develop single language skill. Being a better reader makes you a better writer because you develop an instinct for what looks right. Being a better listener also makes you a better speaker because you hear the natural pronunciation. Reading and listening to English can expand your vocabulary and grammar. If you need to turn on subtitles, don’t be shy – many native English speakers also watch with subtitles most of the time so they don’t miss out on important information. At the same time, reading while listening helps you understand the language more easily.

Get better on multitasking

Communication involves multiple tasks: when you listen to a person, you think about how to express what you want to say naturally. While it is easier in your native language, it can be more difficult in a second language because you think more to find the words you need. According to research, it has been observed that playing games for 5 hours a week for 10 weeks increases the ability of people to concentrate on more things at the same time. The main reason for this is that video games require a lot of concentration – so even if you have played for hours, you can feel that you are playing for 20 minutes. So, playing video games will improve your ability to focus on more than one thing.

Take a break

Most people associate language learning with endless lists of words, associating tests that sit at the desk for hours. However, learning does not have to be this way. If learning is fun, you will learn more easily and increase your willingness to learn. You will never delay playing video games because you will hear and read words that are fun, but very useful in context. Improve your language skills by playing games, but don’t forget to take a break. Spend an hour playing a day, you will start to realize that you are improving your English because of something you do in your spare time!