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Eng Ramin achieved his study goals with IELTS

“IELTS is an accurate reflection of your English language ability. I took IELTS in 2007 and got a band score of 6.5. Honestly speaking, I really did much preparation for the test. I enrolled in a preparation course at Australian Centre for Education (ACE), an initiative of IDP Education, where I was given many useful tips and strategies to the test from many experienced and qualified teachers and examiners. I also tried to familiarise myself with the test rules and format in which I found the IELTS Information for Candidates booklet and Notice to Candidates very useful. Last but not least, I practised as many sample exercises and tests as possible.

I am planning to take IELTS again at the end of this final year at university since I am looking forward to applying for the Australian scholarship to study at my dream university, the University of Melbourne. I would unquestionably say that IELTS benchmarks and redefines the way English language is tested.

Assuredly, the test provides the result that accurately reflects one’s English language ability, contributing to its fame of fairness and effectiveness. More importantly, it is a bridge for me to pursue graduate study at my dream university. In other words, IELTS opens doors for me to the next higher stage of academic and future career life.”

Wei Kito migrated with IELTS

Course adviser and homestay host from China

“I have witnessed how the students would prepare for IELTS. Their main goal is to achieve their IELTS score and then they can plan their future.”

Namrata Patil migrated with IELTS

Backup specialist, permanent resident in Australia from India

“With the initial step of getting my required score from IELTS, I was able to apply for a PR. I am looking forward to making Australia our permanent home.”

Khushnawazi Amalsadiwalla migrated with IELTS

Studied a Masters in Australia before applying for permanent residency and is now a provisioning analyst for a big company.

“With perseverance and dedication I achieved my goals.”

Rebecca Fu migrated with IELTS

Skilled migrant to Australia from China, now working as an accountant

“I have secured the lifestyle that not too long ago was just in my dreams.”

Pavel Kachailov achieved his study goals with IELTS

Analyst at a large accounting firm

“IELTS makes the world a bigger, more open place. I am grateful for my parents who encouraged me to learn English as it transformed me into a citizen of the world."

Lydia achieved her study goals with IELTS

From Brazil

“After 10 months as an exchange student in Australia, I decided to assess my English language proficiency. With my IELTS score (6.5) I was able to show my ability to communicate in English and also prove the success of the experience I had in Australia. The results came so fast, which was great. It was very important for me to show that my year off was worth it. IELTS was an essential part of this process.”

Yulia Chelyakova migrated with IELTS

Yulia Chelyakova

From Russia “After graduating from university in Russia I applied to a large company in North America for a position that required English language proficiency. With my IELTS score I was able to prove my true-to-life ability to communicate in English for my first international employment opportunity. I have since worked in Bermuda and now live in Singapore, working for one of the most famous hotel brands in the world. With the invaluable experience that I have gained working overseas, IELTS has made a priceless contribution to progress my career and my life.”

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