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Candidates can request for copies of your results (TRF) to be sent to any recognising organisations. All additional TRFs will be sent from IDP Thailand directly to your institution. There are 2 options for additional Test Report Form: Hard Copy and E-Copy. However, E-Copy is accepted by certain universities, please check with your university beforehand.

*A Test Report Form which is more than 2 years from the test date is not available for extra TRF.

Additional TRF Fee:

  • In Thailand 550 THB per copy
  • Overseas (Registered Mail) 650 THB per copy
  • Overseas (UPS to Africa, Scandinavia, Russia) 2,700 THB per copy
  • Overseas (UPS to all other destination) 1,700 THB per copy
  • E-Copy Free of charge but limited to 10 institutions

Request Extra TRF - Hard Copy > Click!external icon

Request Extra TRF - E-Copy > Click!external icon

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