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Embarking on your IELTS preparation journey is a significant step towards achieving your academic and professional goals. The IELTS Progress Check, a mock test marked by official IELTS markers, plays a crucial role in this journey, providing a comprehensive feedback report with indicative band scores. This invaluable tool is designed to mirror the actual IELTS exam, offering a realistic practice experience that is indispensable for test readiness.

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Complete an IELTS practice test online and receive your IELTS Progress Check Report within 5 days.

The IELTS mock test is an essential part of your preparation, designed to closely emulate the real IELTS exam environment. By engaging in the IELTS mock test, you not only familiarise yourself with the format and timing of the actual test but also gain invaluable feedback on areas for improvement. This mock test is crafted to replicate the exam's conditions meticulously, providing a comprehensive rehearsal that boosts confidence and essential test-taking skills. The feedback received is instrumental in refining your approach, pinpointing precise areas for development, and enhancing your overall performance. By incorporating the mock test into your study regimen, you're equipped with a strategic tool that significantly elevates your readiness for the actual IELTS challenge.

Benefits of the IELTS mock test - IELTS Progress Check

The IELTS Progress Check offers numerous benefits that are key to optimising your preparation efforts:

1. Authentic materials

The mock test reflects the format and content of the official IELTS exam, providing an authentic testing experience. This ensures that you are practising with materials that closely align with what you will encounter on test day.

2. Timed practice

IELTS Progress Check allows you to practise under timed or untimed conditions, aiding significantly in developing essential time management skills. This flexibility enables you to adapt your practice to best suit your preparation needs.

3. Band score estimation

The feedback report provides an estimate of your potential band score, offering a clear gauge of your readiness for the actual exam. This helps you understand where you stand in your IELTS preparation journey.

4. Identifies weak areas

The detailed feedback highlights areas for improvement, enabling targeted study efforts. By focusing on these areas, you can make effective use of your study time and resources.

5. Expert feedback

The mock test is marked by trained IELTS markers, offering valuable, actionable feedback. This expert advice is geared towards helping you enhance your English language skills in preparation for the IELTS exam.

How will the mock test be examined?

The IELTS Progress Check mock test provides a comprehensive examination experience, covering Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections. Qualified IELTS markers assess each section according to the standard IELTS marking criteria. The Listening and Reading parts are evaluated for correct answers while Writing and Speaking are marked for language proficiency and coherence. Within five days, you will receive a feedback report. The report you receive will include an overall indicative band score and individual scores for each test section, along with personalised, insightful feedback on Speaking and Writing.

For those opting to take IELTS on Computer online, the marking process is as rigorous and detailed as it is for IELTS on Paper, ensuring consistency in assessment and feedback.

Features of IELTS Progress Check

IELTS Progress Check stands out with its unique features, offering a robust preparation tool for test-takers:

  • Official mock test with indicative band score: Experience a full-scale mock test that mirrors the actual IELTS exam, complete with an indicative band score. This offers a realistic assessment of your current performance level.

  • Comprehensive official feedback report: Receive an official feedback report that includes an overall indicative band score and individual scores for each test section, providing a holistic view of your strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Personalised feedback by expert IELTS markers: Benefit from personalised feedback tailored to your performance, with expert IELTS markers providing insights and actionable advice on enhancing your skills in the Speaking and Writing tests.

  • Wide range of test options: Choose from a variety of Academic and General Training tests, each designed to cover diverse aspects of the IELTS exam and prepare you for any challenges the actual test might present.

Difference between the IELTS Progress Check mock test vs free practice test

Choosing the right IELTS preparation tool involves comparing the distinct features of the IELTS Progress Check mock test and the free practice test. Each offers unique benefits tailored to different stages of test preparation:

IELTS Progress Check mock test


  • Offers both Academic and General Training options.

  • Features four distinct tests for comprehensive preparation.

  • Provides detailed feedback reports with indicative band scores.

  • Offers personalised insights from expert markers for Writing and Speaking.

  • Accessible online on various devices, with a specialised format for the Speaking test.


  • Requires a fee, unlike the free practice tests.

  • More comprehensive, potentially time-consuming for early-stage preparation.

Free practice test


  • Ideal for initial stages of preparation, focusing on familiarity with the IELTS format.

  • Experience tasks similar to test tasks.

  • Get used to real test time conditions.

  • Allows self-assessment by comparing answers with model answers.

  • Free and accessible to all.


  • Lacks personalised feedback and detailed scoring of the Progress Check mock test.

  • Less comprehensive preparation compared to the Progress Check mock test.

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