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1. The public transportation covers many places

I usually use trains, trams and buses to go everywhere by using the same myki card. Also, there is a free tram zone in the city. You can top up your myki card easily at tram stops or train stations.

2. Food assortment

You can easily find many cuisines in Melbourne, for instance: Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Turkish and Indian. I really enjoy Korean food here, especially, deep-fried Korean chicken. It is absolutely delicious.

3. The variety of nationalities

Since Australia is open to many countries – many people around the world can stay and live here. They can submit some documents to get PR or citizenship from the government as well. You can see many Asian people here, especially in the city. For this reason, many Australian people are used to it.

4. Melbourne is a clean city

I usually see sweeper trucks clean around the city. Moreover, they collect waste, with separation of general rubbish or recyclable rubbish. They take care of the environment. I love this clean city.

5. Wonderful tourist attraction

There are many interesting places to visit such as Puffing Billy Railway, Great Ocean Road, Brighton Beach, Sovereign Hill, St. Kilda, Ballarat Wildlife Park, Mt. Buller, Pink Lake, Mornington, Port Melbourne and street art in the city. They are fantastic.

6. The high security

You can see lots of inspectors (the police) walk around the area to look after the citizens. The law is strict. Thus, I don’t feel in danger when I walk at night. Besides, when something bad happens, the inspectors come very quickly. It is so safe!

7. Nice drivers

The drivers in Melbourne stop their car for pedestrians when they want to cross roads. However, it doesn’t happen a lot in the country.