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Computer-delivered vs paper-based: which test is easier?

There is a lot of conjecture surrounding the subject: so let’s set the record straight.


Vocabulary to help prepare for common IELTS topics

Increasing your everyday vocabulary on common IELTS topics will improve your overall performance in the IELTS test.


The difference between metaphors and similes

Similes and metaphors are often confused with one another. In this article, we look at some examples to illustrate the differences.

Rocco Nigro

The A to Z of IELTS: 'A' is for action verbs

In our A to Z of IELTS series, we explore different topics to help you better prepare for the test. This week we look at some action verbs starting with A.

Rocco Nigro

How to improve your spelling for the IELTS Reading, Listening and Writing tests

Being able to spell correctly is a vital everyday skill. Learn rules and tips on how to spell to improve your IELTS band scores.


IELTS Speaking: How to perform at your best in the part 3 discussion

Find out how to perform at your best in part 3 of your IELTS Speaking test. Learn some tips on how to extend your answers and engage in a discussion.


IELTS Speaking: How to perform at your best in part 1

Learn how to start the test confidently and perform at your best in part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test.


IELTS Speaking: How to perform at your best in the part 2 long turn

Learn how to perform at your best in part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test, the individual long turn.


The difference between antonyms and synonyms

Looking to build your vocabulary for the IELTS test? How about you start with antonyms and synonyms.

Rocco Nigro

IELTS webinar series

Come along to our live webinar series and learn everything you need to know about IELTS. Hear tips from both IELTS Experts and test takers.