Why Choose IELTS?

I decided to undertake the IELTs Academic Test as I planned to further my studies in European vet schools. Preparation for the test has also given me the opportunity to polish up my English in the academic field.


IDP IELTs has provided a wide range of examination dates to choose from, as well as conducive and convenient examination environments. The people from IDP are very helpful and proactive in resolving my doubts and concerns.

Why paper-based test?

I selected the paper-based examination as I enjoyed hand writing with stationery. Besides, I loved talking face to face with the speaking examiners, where I trained myself to be more confident.

Preparing for IELTS?

Thanks to IDP website which comprises a wide variety of practice modules as well as past year papers where I had benefited from. For the listening and reading part, I had done as many modules as I could (either from Youtube or online resources), training my focus and comprehensive skills. As for the writing part, I started out by imitating band 9 essays, in order to learn the structure and crucial points, then gradually began writing a few modules on my own. For the speaking part, I was fortunate to have a friend to practice with me daily, thus I eventually became more confident and well-prepared.

Day of examination?

Examination day was smooth. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature check up and wearing of face masks were obliged. Yet, the invigilators were kind and helpful during the reception process, which did lower my stress and anxiety. The examination room was equipped with good lighting and soundproof, ensuring the conduciveness of the examination. Clear instructions were given during the listening, reading and writing tests, whereas excellent stationery was also available (in case one did not have HB pencil and eraser). As for the speaking test, every candidate was called upon and invited into separate rooms to communicate with personal examiners. The examiners were professional and patient in guiding me to complete my speaking test.

IDP service?

Thank you IDP for providing a high quality English learning and examination environment! I am truly grateful for the clockwork flow of examination with great help from the IDP invigilators and examiners. Hopefully more people will be acknowledged about the benefits of taking IELTS at the IDP centre.