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If you are sitting for the IELTS test, you are probably doing so for the application to your dream university. While that is a practical reason that many candidates have, there are actually lifelong benefits in taking it that you probably don’t realise. Sure, you’ll need to prove your proficiency in the English language, but it goes deeper than just getting a high band score. 

With English being the language of business and commerce globally, from Canada and America to Australia and the UK, mastering it will help you open doors in your career - and that is exactly how the IELTS test helps you. 

In this article, we will go through some of the key benefits of the IELTS test that will help you progress further in your career. 

Six benefits about the IELTS on paper you should know!

1. You have a framework to develop your English language skills

Just like the IELTS test is split into listening, reading, writing and speaking, these are the four skills that you must develop to improve your overall English language proficiency. 

The IELTS test will give you a good framework for each category to really develop your skills.  

For example, when it comes to speaking, with the IELTS test format, you will immediately know whether your presentation skills are lacking or if you have difficulty discussing more abstract ideas and issues. 

2. You will have a good gauge of your English skills and where to better develop

It is normally challenging to get an accurate gauge of where your English skills are. Thankfully with the IELTS test, you can get feedback and a score from language experts on which skill you still need to improve on. 

For example, if you score poorly in your Writing, you can refer to the detailed feedback, then you can go back and use the framework to practice the specific task or test part you have difficulty in.  

This can be anything from interpreting facts and figures to writing a discursive essay. 

3. You can network easily within your career and school to unlock opportunities

Whether you are in school or starting work, networking is key to growing your career. With solid English skills, especially with good listening and speaking abilities, you will be able to influence and win friends. 

This is especially important when it comes to group assignments or forming teams to tackle a business challenge. 

By developing your networking skills, you will be able to build stronger relationships that will help you throughout your career. 

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4. You can better develop connections with key people in your industry

Sometimes you will need to build high-level relationships with people who can directly influence your career and open doors both in your current organization and externally. 

With the IELTS format, you will be able to directly hone your Speaking and Writing skills.  

This allows you to write persuasively and discuss arguments more eloquently, allowing you to discuss ideas and develop better connections with people who really matter. 

5. Access further career opportunities down the road

It is rare for anyone today to stay in a single job or career path for years, hopping around or making a transition is increasingly common. 

While there are some transferable skills you can bring along, your English language ability is one skill that you can impress your new employer or interviewer with. 

By really honing your skills in the IELTS format, you will be able to impress on the phone and in person. Mastering the IELTS test gives you the confidence to shine when opportunity strikes! 

6. Better develop your presentation, discussion and critical thinking skills

Whether you are writing a business proposal to a client, handling a sales negotiation or crafting your thesis for a university project, rock-solid critical thinking and presentation skills are essential. 

The various tasks in the IELTS test excel in training you to think critically under pressure. From discussing topics to discerning ideas and opinions, you’ll be trained on how to think deeply and present your findings persuasively  

This helps you stand out from the crowd and let your ideas be heard. 

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While the immediate importance of your IELTS test is to enter your dream university or work destination, the long-term career benefits are just as important. 

If you are looking to ace your IELTS test, it’s always good to get prepared early! 

Take the time to go through our resources and prepare yourself better with our wide range of sample tests at your disposal! 

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