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The feature, available through the IELTS by IDP app and IDP IELTS website, gives test takers the opportunity to broadcast the score they received for the world’s most trusted high-stakes language test.

Initially introduced in May 2022, #myIELTSresult quickly gained popularity in line with the growing demand for the IDP IELTS app, which has now been downloaded more than half a million times around the world.

Neil Pearson, Chief Digital Officer of IDP Education, said the rise of test takers sharing their results demonstrates the success of the app and the pride people take in their IELTS scores.

“We know IELTS test takers are a cut above the rest as they have chosen the quality English language test that is trusted by more than 11,000 organisations worldwide,” Mr. Pearson said.

“Our test takers can, and should, wear their IELTS score as a badge of honour, as it demonstrates their determination, confidence, and true ability to communicate in English,” he said.

“By providing an honest reflection of language ability, an IELTS score also tells the world that they are ready to embrace new challenges in places where English is the main language of communication.”

One test taker echoed this sentiment and shared how #myIELTSresult had played a key role in their English language journey.

“I did it! I decided to move abroad a few months ago to improve my English skills and I am so proud of myself. Of course, I want to continue learning but now I have to celebrate this achievement,” she commented.

Mr. Pearson said the feature was just one of the ways IDP was helping to connect its global community of test takers. “IELTS test takers are united by their choice to take the superior English test. Our test takers are proudly demonstrating their true English ability to the world’s best organisations and educators,” he said.

“At IDP, we are helping our test takers come together and achieve their best score by providing enhanced preparation tools through the IELTS by IDP app and more flexibility with how they take their test.”

Mr. Pearson encouraged more test takers to download the IELTS by IDP app so they had access to all IDP’s official IELTS support.

“Our test takers are exceptional, and they have big, ambitious goals,” he said.

“Our role here at IDP is to make sure they have access to the whole toolbox of pre-and post-test day support so they can achieve their best IELTS score and go on to achieve their lifelong study, work, and migration goals.”