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New Year's Eve is more than just a celebration. It's a time to self-reflect and do some goal-setting for what we plan to accomplish in the next year. With this in mind, we ran a campaign on our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels where we invited followers to share their new year resolutions with us. Whether it was spending more time practising ‘matching headlines’ or watching British game shows to get a hang of the accent, it was an opportunity for anyone planning to sit the IELTS test to share their goals and their roadmap to achieve them.

To participate, contestants were encouraged to create inspiring pieces of content (short messages, photos or videos) and share them with us by email. We received a great response and there were many inspiring entries. Our IDP panel of judges reviewed the submissions and decided the best entries based on creativity and how well the goals had been articulated and presented.

Thank you to all the participants who submitted their IELTS New Year’s resolution as part of our competition. It was sensational to read through all of your goals for 2022 and to learn how you are looking to achieve them with IELTS. Though there were many excellent submissions, we have decided on two winners.

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Marie Noelle Seif Asskar and Keris Kha for winning the IELTS New Year 2022 resolutions contest. They both receive a 15-minute one-to-one coaching session with our IELTS expert Rocco.  We hope will go a long way in helping you put your best foot forward and achieving a high band score in your IELTS test!

Marie Noelle Seif Asskar

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Keris Kha

"I try to start a new year happily by releasing the stress and unwanted nauseous things, so I made a list-to-do in 2022 for myself. It was simple. Mainly I planned two big things to do. They are taking an IELTS exam and studying abroad.

To begin with, I made the decision to study abroad and found out that I need to take an IELTS test for application. I’ve already registered for the test and the thing I really need to do now is study hard to get the score I require.

I plan to read newspapers, magazines and novels online once a day, so that will improve my Reading skill and also Writing skill. For Speaking and Listening, I need to listen to the news every morning and watch some helpful videos. By doing these, I believe that I’ll improve my skills and will get the essential score for applying. If I got the appropriate score, I could go and study abroad, which is my biggest dream.

Indeed, to achieve my dream, I must make sure to study hard, that is the main solution."