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Are you at the beginning of your language learning journey? The best way to get better at English is to use it every day. Try our English improvement tips below and you’ll soon see the difference.  

1. Change your phone’s language

You use your phone everyday so how about changing its language to English? It might make it difficult to find things at first, but you'll soon get used to it. For an extra challenge, you can change your computer’s language to English too! 

2. Label your home

Try going around your house and putting English labels on everyday things like chair, table or window.  Each day take a walk around your home and read the labels. You’ll start to remember more English words because you see them every day.

3. Cook in English

Do you enjoy making new dishes? Look for an English recipe online and try to follow the instructions. It’s a fun way to learn food words and hopefully make something tasty! 

4. Listen to something you like

If you travel to work or enjoy exercising, listening to English podcasts or songs can really help you get better at the language. Just choose things you like. As time passes, you'll find it easier to understand the different ways people speak. You’ll learn lots of new words too! 

5. Read the news

Do you like to know what’s happening in the world? Try reading the news in English.Breaking News English has news stories at different English levels with free vocabulary exercises to help you. 

6. Join a language exchange

Look for language exchange groups in your area, either in person or online.  These events are usually open to people of all language levels and give you a relaxed and friendly space to practise your English skills with native speakers or other learners.  

7. Write about your life

Start writing a diary every day. Write a few sentences about your day, your feelings or what you plan to do tomorrow. This helps you organise your thoughts in English and practise using different verb tenses. Over time, you will get better at making sentences and learn more words.  


Make learning English a part of your daily routine, just like taking a shower or having breakfast. Doing it regularly makes learning easy and natural.  If you do one thing from this list every day, you'll soon be on your way to improving your English 

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