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If you are planning to take your IELTS test soon to study overseas, you might just want to skip over the traditional IELTS on paper test! 

The IELTS on computer test is getting more popular and for good reason - there are unique benefits to taking it that many students have discovered! 

While the IELTS test format remains the same, the Reading, Writing and Listening parts of the test will be done on a computer which can deliver benefits that might be perfect for you. 

In this article, we will go through the unique advantages of taking the IELTS on computer test you need to know about! 

Seven benefits to know about the IELTS on computer test!

1. It is easy and faster to type your answers 

Ever noticed that typing is often easier and faster than writing down manually using pen and paper? What’s more, you get to avoid any messy handwriting, allowing your examiner to easily understand what you wrote.  

With the computer test, your test will be done on a keyboard and if you type fast, you will enjoy a big speed advantage versus writers who opted for the IELTS on paper test. 

2. Proof-reading and editing is much faster 

While the IELTS on paper test normally reduces the number of errors made, it is much easier to proofread and edit at the same time. 

Reading the computer screen at eye level allows you to quickly scan and spot mistakes and editing them is just a few keystrokes away - there’s no need to manually use an eraser and then rewrite your answer using a pencil. 

Plus, there’s also no need to count your words, especially for those sections that have a strict word count. 

3. Less crowded and less stressful 

Stress is a real factor that could affect how you take your test and affect your performance and results. The IELTS on paper test is taken with significantly more candidates and while this isn’t a competition, being surrounded by so many other people might feel intimidating to you. 

When you take the IELTS on computer test, there will be lesser candidates around you, allowing you to concentrate more on the tasks at hand. 

4. Reading is easier as you can increase the font size 

Sometimes the simplest things can trip us up and reading a small font on a piece of paper can be straining for your eyesight. This compounds as you might waste precious time trying to locate certain information or scanning for specific keywords when tackling the tasks. 

Thankfully, with the IELTS on computer tests, you will be able to increase the font size of your text, allowing you to read more easily and locate the key information, especially during your Writing and Reading tests. 

5. You can copy and paste from the text for the Reading and Writing tests

When it comes to Reading and Writing, sometimes it pays to just simply copy and paste certain information from the text to the answer sheet and just edit from there. Not only does it help you save time, you will also reduce the chances of any typos. 

That can’t be done with a IELTS on paper test and guess what, all these precious seconds add up to minutes that can be used more productively! 

6. More slot booking availability 

If you have a busy schedule or require to take the test in a hurry, then the IELTS on computer is perfect for you. There will be more test dates and times to choose from, including the weekend. 

If you are rushing to take your test before an application window for your favourite course ends or you are strapped for time juggling your application and can only attend on specific days, then the IELTS on computer test will be the better choice. 

7. Your test results will be delivered much faster 

Whether you are impatient or require your test results as soon as possible for an application, the IELTS on computer test results will be ready within just 3 to 5 business days. 

Compared to the traditional IELTS on paper test that could take up to 13 days, this is lightning fast and if time is a factor for you, go for the IELTS on computer test! 

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The IELTS on computer test is an excellent choice if you feel more comfortable on the computer or desire more flexibility in your test dates. 

Take the time to go through our resources and prepare yourself better with our wide range of sample tests at your disposal! 

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