The IELTS Reading test is made up of 40 questions which are based on three long texts. The questions range from multiple choice to identifying information and a writer’s views or claims, matching information, headings, features and sentence endings, sentence, summary, note, table, diagram label or flow-chart completion, and short answer questions.  You will get one mark for each correct answer in the IELTS Reading test. The total correct answers will determine your Raw score from which your band score will be determined. It is very important to try and answer every question as a blank answer will get no marks. The tables below show the average number of marks you need to get a particular band score in Academic Reading and General Training Reading. 


What order will I complete the IELTS test in?

If you take computer-delivered IELTS, you will do the tests in the following order on the same day: Listening, Reading and Writing, with the Speaking test before or after this test session.

For PB test is the same order as the CD test which is Listening, Reading, Writing and same format for the Speaking test. Depending on the test centre, the Speaking test can be done on the same day, or up to 7 days either before or after the test date.

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