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The National Health Service (NHS) England has announced free COVID-19 vaccinations for all international students. The service is available for international students aged 18 and over who are already in England, as well as new students arriving in the country who haven’t been inoculated yet. The service will be provided through local GPs, community pharmacies, vaccination centres, hospitals and temporary “pop-up” clinics. Currently, this service is only available in England (not for Scotland or Wales).

To get vaccinated, students can book their appointments through the National Booking Service website or by calling 119.

What if I've received my first dose in my home country?

If a student has received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine overseas that is also available in the UK, they should receive the same vaccine for their second dose. If the vaccine they received for their first dose is not available in the UK, the most similar alternative should be offered as per the vaccine interchangeability guidance.

What does it mean for new students?

Following significant easing of travel restrictions last month, the latest move of the UK government to inoculate international students in England is another big step towards normalcy. For new students planning to pursue higher education in the country, it is essential to plan ahead and ensure you have all the required documents ready for submission. Whether you're applying for an under-graduate degree, post-graduate study or an immigration programme, one of first steps is to take an English language proficiency test.


IELTS is the world leader in English proficiency tests and is now accepted by more than 11,000 organisations across the globe - from education institutions to employers, as well as government and professional bodies. Originating from the UK, it is the most popular choice for students seeking to pursue higher studies in the country. You may opt for our UKVI tests that are specifically designed to meet certain administrative requirements of the UK Home Office. Alternatively, if you're applying for an undergraduate and post-graduate programme, you can simply book the IELTS Academic test which is accepted by all British universities and colleges.

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