For each IELTS test taken, you will receive only one Test Report Form (TRF). We strongly advise that you keep this original copy to yourself, and request for additional TRFs if you wish to use your IELTS test score for study, work or migration applications. You may not however, request for additional TRFs to be sent to you personally.

IDP IELTS will send your TRF to the institutions or organisations of your choice for you, in either electronic or paper format. Please check if your institutions or organisations accept electronic TRF using the file below the page.

You may request for up to ten (10) additional TRFs before you complete your IELTS registration, free of charge (postage fee extra). You may also request for an unlimited number of additional TRFs after completing registration for NT$100 each plus postage (no postage fee for electronic TRF).

Submit your request for additional TRFs using the link below:

Request for additional Test Report Forms (TRF)

After filling out the application form, please calculate the charge and proceed to payment. IDP IELTS will issue your Test Report Forms within 5 working days after we receive your application and payment.

Delivery methods and charges:

  • Domestic registered mail: NT$30

  • Domestic first class registered mail: NT$50

  • International registered mail:

    • NT$100 (for Hong Kong, Macao, Asia and Australia)

    • NT$120 (for Canada, US, Latin America , Europe and Africa)

  • EMS: NT$390

  • DHL: NT$700 (NT$800 if listed on DHL’s remote areas; DHL will not accept delivery to PB Boxes.)

Once your Test Report Form is posted, IDP IELTS will not be responsible for the delivery. However, you can check the status of the delivery using the links below: