💂Your first step to UK - IELTS for UKVI Test

As the the COVID-19 recovers, many students have stepped onto the right track to plan their overseas study. Especially in the UK, under the epidemic in the past two years, most of the international students who had planned to start chose to postpone to the fall of 2022. This year, the number of applicants has grown significantly, and the competition is more intense than in previous years!

And the first step to study in the UK is to take an UKVI Test. Every February to April is the peak season for UKVI tests. Combined with the COVID-19, the test vacancies must be full and it is hard to find a suitable time slot if you are late! Candidates who are planning to apply for the exam, please register as soon as possible!

Apply for the IDP UKVI test now and enjoy the IDP IELTS exclusive "IELTS Prepare" test preparation database, you can also exclusively enjoy the exclusive "Free Preparation Course" developed by IDP IELTS and Macquarie University in Australia. You can choose the 30-day or 14-day package. These two resources will help you succeed in the Year of the Tiger and get the score you want!

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