Where can I take IELTS for UKVI?

Boy: I am told to take IELTS for UKVI. Where can I take it? I am afraid I can’t find the test venue…

Myths about IELTS - 1-1 - Taiwan

Girl: Let’s check on IDP IELTS’ website… Here’s a whole section for IELTS for UKVI!

Myths about IELTS - 1-2 - Taiwan

Girl: See? There’s a map, address and every info you need! And it’s really conveniently located! Boy: Wow it’s true!

Myths about IELTS - 1-3 - Taiwan

Boy: I heard they will video-tape the whole testing process in IELTS for UKVI. I think you should put on your best clothes for the test. Girl: It’s not about my look but my English ability!!

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Do IDP Examiners have strict standards?

Boy: Hooray! I received my IELTS result yesterday. I got an 8 in Speaking!

Myths about IELTS - 2-1 - Taiwan

Girl: How is that possible? Didn’t you take the test at IDP? I heard the Examiners there are really strict.

Myths about IELTS - 2-2 - Taiwan

Here comes the *strict* IDP Examiner.

Myths about IELTS - 2-3 - Taiwan

Man: All IELTS Examiners in the world use the same standard to mark candidates’ test results. Boy & Girl: Dear Examiner, sorry for misunderstanding…

Myths about IELTS - 2-4 - Taiwan

Is IDP Speaking test difficult?

Boy: I heard the Speaking test in IDP is really difficult. Girl: I think you are just making excuses.

Myths about IELTS - 3-1 - Taiwan

Girl: Jokes aside, the IELTS Speaking test is the same throughout the world. Boy: REALLY?!

Myths about IELTS - 3-2 - Taiwan

Girl: Yeah, all the Examiners use the same standard to evaluate candidates’ performances. Besides, I heard the Examiners are good-looking! Boy: Please tell me you are not joking!

Myths about IELTS - 3-3 - Taiwan

Boy & Girl: I am so looking forward to taking the test with IDP…

Myths about IELTS - 3-4 - Taiwan