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The IELTS Progress Check is a great tool to give test takers a reliable indication of their English level and performance prior to taking an official IELTS test. This article will look at how it can help you in your IELTS Preparation.

Why Progress Check?

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One of the key benefits of taking an IELTS Progress Check is that the materials are authentic and are like you would expect in an official IELTS test. This is an important factor to consider as doing non-standard practice tests can give you a false idea about your actual ability. It is far better to be measured with the same criteria as you would on your IELTS test. This is also a great way to get used to time management needed for test day.



The Listening component consists of 40 questions. You will listen to four recorded texts, such as monologues and conversations, by a range of native-speakers and write your answers to a series of questions.  You can choose to do it in TIMED or UNTIMED conditions.


Similar to IELTS on computer , you have 40 questions to complete in an hour. The article appears on the left of the screen and the questions are on the right. You can easily scroll up and down the page, save your progress and then submit your answers for marking.


Again, answers are typed like in IELTS on computer , which makes it easier for editing. You receive feedback from an IELTS expert who will provide a report with relevant feedback for you to consider.


The Speaking test consists of students listening to questions and making a recording which is then marked by an official IELTS marker. The feedback you receive from this is personalised and focuses on the rating criteria used in the official IELTS test.


Once you have completed all four sections, you can submit them for marking. You will receive your IELTS Progress Check Report within five days of completing the mock test. Every IELTS Progress Check Report includes an indicative IELTS band score result, with official feedback on each section of the test. Please note that this is not an official IELTS test result.

So go ahead and test the waters with an official IELTS mock test before you dive into the real one.

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