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Action verbs are words used to express what the subject (a person, an animal or an object)is doing. Let’s look at some powerful action verbs starting with A to help you add more oomph to your sentences.

Account for

The percentage of learners who studied for a career was highest in 2007, accounting for 56% of the total.


The growth of homeschooling has been accelerated by the advent of the Internet.

Acquire & Absorb

The optimum time for a person to acquire a second language is during their formative years, when they absorb knowledge more quickly.


In 2040, however, the quantity of people who hold a higher degree is anticipated to rise to 78%.


advise someone / advise someone to do something

I wish to advise you that the air conditioning system that was installed in my home last week has stopped operating.


assist someone / assist someone with something / assist someone in doing something


allow someone something / allow someone to do something

When assisting young learners with their homework, it is essential to allow them time to process the requirements of the task.


aid someone / aid someone in doing something

Being able to utilise a second language aids people in communicating with a wider range of cultures and nationalities.


something appears to do something

The refrigerator appears to function less effectively during daylight hours as the food items tend not to be overly cool, which concerns me.


be appointed a role

I was just recently appointed the role of team leader, so I’m not sure whether I enjoy my work or not at the moment.


I’m sorry for my late reply regarding your issue with the new laptops.  I assume by now that you have contacted the IT support office?


It has been argued that public transport should be made free for full-time students who travel from their home to their academic institution.


Therefore, if people wish to advance further in their career, it is crucial to have knowledge and skills in more than one language.

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