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Unlocking the essence of IELTS Prepare

At IDP, we are not just about guiding you to the right institutions but ensuring that every step you take towards your dream is informed and confident. When we asked our IELTS test-takers about their foremost needs, the clarion call was unmistakable — they sought effortless access to authentic preparation resources.

Thus, the inception of IELTS Prepare. IELTS Prepare is a consolidated hub encompassing every conceivable official IDP IELTS preparatory material. Whatever your preparatory style, IELTS Prepare caters, offering diverse content from interactive webinars, articulate articles to expert analyses and online courses.

How to prepare for IELTS with IELTS Prepare

Success in the IELTS exam is a combination of robust knowledge and strategic preparation. While understanding the core material is essential, the importance of familiarising oneself with the IELTS examination's dynamics cannot be overstated. This is where the IELTS Prepare platform becomes invaluable. It offers you an opportunity to simulate the actual examination day ambiance, ensuring you're not only knowledgeable but also confident and exam-ready. Benefit from invaluable insights and expert advice, as seasoned professionals share their firsthand experiences and provide guidance on the intricacies of the IELTS preparation process. With IELTS Prepare, you're not just studying; you're strategising your success.

Key features of IELTS Prepare - your gateway to all IELTS preparation materials

User-centric design

IELTS Prepare stands out with its advanced, user-friendly design tailored for individual needs. Given the unique challenges posed by the IELTS — a high-stakes test comprising four diverse sections — our platform's intuitive filtering system, prominently positioned on the homepage, allows candidates to seamlessly pinpoint content. Whether refining writing techniques, mastering speaking nuances, or focusing on reading and listening competencies, users can swiftly select material based on specific skill levels, desired band scores, and preparation type. With filters grounded in both official IELTS terminology and real-world user search trends, IELTS Prepare ensures a streamlined, informative, and efficient preparation journey for both novices and seasoned test-takers.

Introducing IELTS Prepare - Filter screen

Free access to IELTS mastery

IELTS Prepare predominantly remains free. Because at IDP, we believe in democratising access to the finest IELTS preparation materials. Whether it's for your overseas education, career leap, or migration aspirations, we ensure you're well-equipped to achieve that desired score.

Key contributions by experts and ambassadors

Our premium hub boasts content curated and provided by esteemed IELTS experts and ambassadors. Their invaluable insights ensure that you receive guidance from the very best in the field.

Accessible video format

A standout feature of our premium courses is their presentation in an easily understandable video format. This ensures that your preparation for the IELTS exam is both engaging and effective.

Whether you're just starting to prepare for the IELTS exam or are looking to hone your abilities, you'll find an expansive range of resources tailored to your needs:

Engage and learn with 'Ask IELTS' series

Engaging with actual test-takers and experts is another vital part of effective and strategic preparation, and IDP recognises this. That is why we’ve also launched the interactive 'Ask IELTS' series, which follows on from the successful launch of Ask IDP – a content series where universities and alumni share videos responding to common international student queries.

Hosted on IELTS Prepare, the Ask IELTS videos feature preparation tips and advice from IELTS ambassadors, experts and test takers. This provides an invaluable resource for test-takers keen to gain insights directly from those who've been through the journey.

As our community grows and evolves, so will the content on 'Ask IELTS'. With more #AskIELTS questions that get answered, new videos will be uploaded, keeping IELTS Prepare content relevant and up to date for you. 

Introducing IELTS Prepare - Introduction

Explore IELTS free preparation material

Embark on your IELTS journey with a sneak peek of our curated resources, meticulously organised by test modules: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Dive deep into our repository and unearth a trove of free IELTS preparation materials.

Premium courses available

While our vast array of free resources is monumental, we've also crafted an exquisite set of premium materials for those seeking in-depth expertise. Seamlessly filter between free and paid assets through our user-centric interface, personalising your preparation journey.

When will it be available?

IELTS Prepare is now live! You can access it by logging on to IELTS Prepare.