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If you are looking to sit for your IELTS test, you probably are wondering if the traditional IELTS on paper or the IELTS on computer test is suitable for you. 

The IELTS on paper test consists of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking with the first three parts being taken through pencil and paper. The Speaking test will be done face to face, similar to the IELTS on computer test. 

While the IELTS on computer test is growing in popularity, many students will opt for the time-tested traditional IELTS on paper test. And there is a good reason why!  

From making lesser errors to better concentration, here’s why you should go for the IELTS on paper test! 

Seven benefits about IELTS on paper you should know!

1. Writing is easier if you can’t type fast or are error-prone

Sure, the IELTS on paper test might seem old-fashioned, but here lies its strength - it’s highly familiar and you should have no problem writing! 

This is especially important if you aren’t a good typist or you are very error-prone to make grammatical and spelling errors when using a keyboard. 

You will be marked down and penalised for making such errors during the test. So writing using pencil and paper might be the better choice for you! 

2. There will be no computer screen locking

One big drawback of the IELTS on computer test is your screen getting locked at the mentioned time. This means you will not be able to make any last-minute changes if you suddenly have a word or two or add. 

Psychologically, this will add another layer of stress which isn’t exactly helpful when you are already in a stressful condition. Thankfully, you can avoid all of that in the IELTS on paper test. 

3. Less distraction within the test venue

If you are easily distracted by the sound of someone typing, then you might want to avoid the IELTS on computer test.  

For some test takers, typing noises could disrupt their concentration, causing them to either break your chain of thoughts or make an error. If that is the case, the IELTS on paper will be more ideal. 

4. You are given 10 minutes to transfer answers

While writing would definitely be a little slower than typing, you will have more time to check and transfer your answers for the Listening test.  

The IELTS on paper test gives you 10 minutes to transfer answers while the IELTS on computer test only gives you 2 minutes. 

This is crucial as you will have more breathing space and time to quickly vet through your answers to see if there are any spelling or grammatical errors made and swiftly correct them. 

5. You won’t have to listen and type at the same time

Multi-tasking is difficult enough, but if you are asked to type while listening, you might find it more challenging.  

Since young, we have been very used to writing while listening during class, this might prove to be a crucial advantage during a test where breaking your concentration is costly. 

This is why the IELTS on paper test might be the best option for you. 

You-Are Given-10-Minutes-To-Transfer-Answers

6. Staring at a screen can get tiring

Do you get tired of looking at your computer screen? While we are used to computer work, this does not mean we can operate at peak performance, especially when we need to multitask. 

Fatigue and screen exhaustion are real things and could negatively affect other aspects of the test as you try to keep up.  

With the IELTS on paper test, you will be able to eliminate the possibility of getting tired from a screen and concentrate on the task at hand. 

7. You don’t need good overall computer skills

One big advantage of the IELTS on paper test is not needing fantastic computer skills to perform on test day. 

You will be able to focus more on the test format and spend more time learning about the tasks and practicing it without factoring in the need to brush up on your computer skills. 

This will help you make faster progress, especially if you are in a time crunch when you need to take the test soon and score well at the same time. 


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The IELTS on paper test is an excellent choice if you feel more comfortable writing using paper and pencil.  

You will be more familiar with writing more naturally - that means greater confidence to score your best on test day! 

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