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IELTS test results are something that you look forward to after taking the exam. You may be worried whether it will meet your expectations or not, especially for study, work, or migration. 

To make it easier for you to get IELTS test results, we have put together details of when they are available, how to get them, and how long they are valid.

How IELTS is marked

Before knowing how long your test result will be available, it’s better to understand how the IELTS test is scored. This helps you prepare the best for the test and determine the right approach for each part of the test, includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

The marked method for listening and reading parts will be slightly different from the writing and speaking sections. 

For the listening and reading components, each has 40 questions, and every correct answer will receive 1 mark. So, the total score out of 40 will be converted to the IELTS 9 band scale. 

Meanwhile, the speaking and writing tests are evaluated by certified IELTS examiners. The difference lies in the method. 

When Are the IELTS Results Available?

The speaking sections assessment will be carried out directly through a face-to-face interview with the examiner. This includes some criteria such as fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy and pronunciation. 

Besides, the examiner will read and evaluate the test takers’ writing assignments, both for Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2. The marking criteria for this writing component includes task completion, coherence and cohesion, vocabulary, grammar and accuracy.

IELTS test result

Once assessed, it won’t take long for you to get the IELTS test results. Depending on the test format you’ve chosen, you will get your IELTS results in: 

IELTS Formats 

IELTS Test Results Available 

IELTS on Computer 

3 – 5 days 

IELTS on Paper 

13 days 

IELTS Online 

3 – 6 days 

 The IELTS test results are reported as band score that ranges from 0 to 9, where each band score describes your level of English proficiency. You'll get a band score for each of the test's components - listening, writing, reading, and speaking, as well as an overall score. 

How to get your IELTS test results

There are two ways to get your IELTS test results, online and taking them in person. 

For online results, you can check them here. Please complete the required information to get the test results. Keep in mind that the IELTS test results available online are temporary only until you receive an official Test Report Form (TRF). 

When Are the IELTS Results Available?

TRF is a copy of IELTS test results. Each test taker will be given one IELTS test report form which is valid for two years. You will receive one copy of your TRF, unless you are applying to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), you may receive two copies. 

You can contact your test venue to get an official result in person. 

For IELTS Online, you will receive an email notification telling your results are available. It will also explains how to access them.

About Enquire on Results (EOR)

If you are not satisfied with the IELTS test results, you can apply for a remark or Enquire on Results (EOR). This can be done at your test venue within six weeks of the test date. Generally, this EOR process takes 2 to21 days. 

To apply for an EOR, you must pay an enquiry fee. However, if your score changes from your previous results, you will get a full refund for the associated fees with requesting a remark. 


IELTS test results are accepted in more than 145 countries in more than 11,000 organizations including universities, governments and immigration authorities, as well as professional and industry organizations. 

Every organization has different requirements and minimum IELTS band score. Make sure you prepare yourself to get the results according to your goals. To do better, you can learn from the IELTS preparation materials by IDP which are available in articles, videos, to webinars. 

When you're ready, register for your IELTS test with IDP and get the test results to meet your needs!