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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is known as a global English language test system. Internationally recognized, this test system has been trusted by universities, professional institutions, recruiters and immigration authorities. Therefore, besides for studying, IELTS for working abroad is also available and take an important part in your career. 

When applying for a job abroad, particularly in an English-speaking country, you will be asked to provide proof of English proficiency. Not only in everyday conversation, but also in the professional field. Both are two different things as you see that there are several terms in the work field that are rarely used in daily communication. 

To understand it deeper, this article will talk about the importance of IELTS for work and why you should take the test.

IELTS for Work

As Indonesian who want to pursue a professional career in the international world, taking the IELTS test is the best choice to prove your English skills. In this case, you can take IELTS General which is suitable for work experience or other job training. 

The format of the IELTS General test will be the same as the IELTS Academic exam, but the level of difficulty will be different and the average score on the exam will be good enough to start your application process as a professional. 

Taking the IELTS for work is the best option to prove your English skills. Some of the reasons include: 

1. IELTS is Globally Recognized

As the main standard of English proficiency test, IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 institutions, including professional institutions and recruiters.

IELTS for Work

IELTS test results are recognized in more than 140 countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the US. In other words, that is one of your tickets to work abroad!

2. Comprehensive Preparation Material

IDP as the official IELTS organizer provides various types of preparation materials. Starting from articles, webinars, to videos from experts, you can access everything easily through the website or IELTS by IDP

You can use these preparation materials to practice and find out how far your English level is. In that way, you can strategize better when taking the real exam. 

3. Broader Range of Content

IELTS for work focuses to examine your English skills in a social or professional setting. This includes how you communicate with colleagues, managers, and clients. 

Content of IELTS

Therefore, IELTS gives you an overall understanding of the English language. The test covers a wider range of topics, including business, environment, social and cultural. You will have work flexibility and better communication. 

4. IELTS Test Available in Various Locations

The IELTS test location is something you need to consider. As the official IELTS test provider, IDP provides more than 1,400 test locations in 56 countries, including Indonesia. 


IDP Indonesia has several IELTS test locations, both IELTS on Computer and IELTS on paper. These locations are Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar and Bali. 

With the availability of various IELTS test locations, you can easily take the test without worrying about the distance and travel time, or even huge transportation costs. 

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Prepare IELTS to Work Abroad with IDP 

Have you prepared yourself to pursue your dream career abroad? 

Beside the skills needed in the field of work, you also need to improve your English skills. To realise this, you can learn the IELTS preparation materials from IDP which helps you perform better on the exam. 

When you're ready, you can register and take the IELTS test with IDP to start your international career!