The UKVI Life Skills B1 test is suitable for those who want to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK or to apply for citizenship. The IELTS for UKVI tests are a secure English-language test (SELT) accepted by the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration Department as proof of your English-language proficiency. IELTS Life Skills B1 tests your listening and speaking skills at the level of B1 in the Common European Framework (CEFR) during a 22-minute test with an Examiner and one other test taker. The second test taker’s performance will not affect your test results. An IELTS Examiner will look at your English speaking and listening skills, and your ability to obtain and convey information, speak to communicate and engage in discussion. There are no band scores with any of the Life Skills Tests, your results will be given as a pass or fail. You will be assessed on your ability to listen and respond to spoken English where you have to obtain and convey basic information and communicate on familiar topics.  The examiner might ask you to describe a topic, give opinions or preferences and justify those, and explain and expand on a topic. You will also be expected to communicate with both the examiner and the other test taker. 


Can I make notes during the computer-delivered IELTS test?

Yes. Computer-delivered IELTS provides a note-taking and highlight function. You can try these functions on the familiarisation tests here. You can also write notes on the login details sheet you receive at the beginning of the test.