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You can choose to take the IELTS on Computer for both General Training and Academic tests. The test format, types of questions, time allocation for each test section, and content are the same for computer tests and paper-based tests. The only difference is your test day experience. If you choose IELTS on Computer, you will take the Reading, Listening and Writing tests using a computer. All answers will be typed on the screen. You can also write notes on the note sheet during the Listening test.

The IELTS Speaking test remains the same, with a face-to-face interview with the examiner. The Speaking test will be taken before, or after the Reading, Listening and Writing tests.

There are many benefits to taking the IELTS test on a computer. For example, your test results arrive more quickly. With IELTS on Computer, your test results will be provided within 3 to 5 days.

Comparing IELTS on Computer and IELTS on Paper

Both IELTS on Computer and IELTS on Paper share the same format. This means the kinds of questions, how much time you get for each part, and what you are tested on are the same in both.

The key difference lies in the test-taking experience on examination day. To understand which format best suits you and might help you achieve a higher score, read more about the key differences between the two test formats. With IELTS on Computer, you will read questions and type your answers on a computer. For IELTS on Paper, you will read from paper and write your answers by hand.

In both IELTS on Computer and IELTS on Paper, the Speaking test is done the same way. You will talk to an examiner in person, and this can take place either before or after your other tests.

Whether you choose IELTS on Computer or IELTS on Paper, the test itself remains the same. The choice depends on what you are more comfortable with, typing on a computer or writing on paper.

Why Choose IELTS on Computer?

Choosing to take your IELTS test on a computer offers several benefits that may make your test experience better. Here's why it's a great option:

  • Customisable test interface: You can change the font size or background colour of the test to make it easier for you to read and work. 

  • Helpful tools: You can use the computer’s highlight and note functions to keep track of important information during the test.

  • Easier answer management: You can copy and paste your answers during the Reading test to reduce the risk of spelling mistakes. 

  • Automatic word count: There is an automatic word counter during the Writing test to help you meet the standards for Task 1 and Task 2. 

  • Simple editing: You can easily edit your answers during the Writing test. Just click and drag to move parts of your text or an entire paragraph. 

How IELTS on Computer Works 

IELTS on Computer is a convenient and efficient way to take your IELTS test. Here’s what to expect on test day.

Listening, Reading, and Writing Test sections: These are done on a computer at an official IELTS test centre. You'll see the questions on the screen and type your answers directly. It's a straightforward and user-friendly process.

Speaking Test section: This part will be performed face-to-face. You'll have a conversation with a trained IELTS examiner that can happen before or after your Listening, Reading and Writing test.

Understand the IELTS on Computer interface

These are the tools and features you will see during your IELTS on Computer test. 

  • Clock: A clock at the top of the screen shows your remaining time. It will flash as a warning when you have 10 or 5 minutes left, and stops automatically when time is up.

  • Bottom navigation bar: Use the bottom navigation bar to move between questions and sections. Click on question numbers to jump to them or arrows to go back and forth.

  • Review button: Click “Review” to mark questions you might want to check again later.

  • Settings Button: Found at the top of the screen. Used to change text size and background colour to make the text easier to read.

  • Help Button: Found at the top of the screen. Used to find explanations for each task and test instructions.

  • Hide Button: Hide your screen if you need to leave the test room.

Preparing for the IELTS on Computer Test

Getting ready for your IELTS on Computer Test is crucial for success. To ensure you are well-prepared, consider these key resources:

In addition to using these resources, it's important to work on your test-taking skills. This means getting better at managing your time, reading and understanding texts quickly, and typing your answers comfortably.

Remember, the more you know about the test format and the more you practise, the more prepared you will feel. Using these resources and improving your skills can make you more confident and increase your chances of doing well.

Book your IELTS on Computer test

Booking your IELTS on Computer test with IDP Indonesia is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit IDP IELTS Booking Page

First, go to IDP's IELTS booking page. Click on “Get started”.

Step 2: Choose your IELTS test

Next, select the IELTS test you wish to take. There will be three choices: IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training or IELTS UKVI.

Step 3: Select IELTS on Computer for your test format

After you’ve chosen the IELTS test you wish to take, you will be prompted to select your preferred test format. Click on “IELTS on Computer”, and answer the question “Do you need any special requirements?” 

Step 4: Select your test date and location

Enter your desired test centre location and select your test date or date range. Click on “Find test sessions” and a list of available tests will appear. Click on “Reserve Now” to book your desired test slot.

Step 5: Create an IDP account 

Once your test date, location and time is confirmed, you will be taken to a page that displays the details and price of the IELTS test. If you do not have an existing IDP account, you will need to create one in order to proceed. If you have an existing IDP account, you will be prompted to log in.

Step 6: Complete the payment

After registering, you will get a virtual account number. Follow the instructions and pay the test fee with your desired payment method.

Step 7: Receive confirmation via email

Once you've paid, you'll get a confirmation email from Make sure to read this email carefully for important instructions about your test.

Visit this page for more information on IELTS test dates and locations

IELTS test fees

Knowing the cost of your IELTS test is an important part of preparation. Whether you opt for the Academic or General Training test, the fee remains the same.

In Indonesia, the approximate fee for taking the IELTS test is IDR 3,150,000. This fee includes all parts of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

It's always a good idea to confirm the exact fee with your nearest test centre as prices may vary. 

Find your nearest IELTS on Computer test centre in Indonesia

IDP offers a wide network of IELTS on Computer test centres across Indonesia, ensuring you have easy access to a test location.

  • IDP Jakarta (Kuningan) 

  • IDP South Jakarta (Pondok Indah)

  • IDP West Jakarta (Kebon Jeruk)

  • IDP North Jakarta (Kelapa Gading)

  • IDP Tangerang (Gading Serpong)

  • IDP Bandung

  • IDP Bali

  • IDP Makassar

  • IDP Medan

  • IDP Semarang

  • IDP Surabaya Barat

  • IDP Surabaya Timur

  • IDP Yogyakarta

Find a test centre close to you to take your IELTS test. Selecting a nearby centre can help make your test day smoother and more comfortable.


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