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If you are an Indonesian student looking to study a master’s or doctoral degree abroad, you need to know about the LPDP (Educational Fund Management Institution) scholarship by the Ministry of Finance. 

One of the most well-known and anticipated scholarships programs, it will support you for postgraduate courses, and covers education fees, monthly grants for living expenses such as food, transportation, insurance and more. 

When is the 2024 LPDP scholarship registration?

lpdp scholarship

The LPDP Scholarship registration for 2024 is back and better than ever. While the first intake has wrapped up, with results set to be announced on June 10, 2024, don't worry if you missed it. The second phase registration is just around the corner.

Mark your calendars for June 19 to July 18, 2024, and seize this golden opportunity to embark on your study abroad adventure with the prestigious LPDP Scholarship.

Wondering what the LPDP scholarship application process is for 2024? Here is key information about the scholarship programs on offer and who can apply for them. 

Available programs for 2024 LPDP scholarships

Similar to the previous year, the Ministry of Finance is offering 3 main programs for LPDP scholarships in 2024. However, there is a slight difference in the Targeted Program, where Priority Scholarships are introduced. 

What is the LPDP Priority Scholarship? 

The Priority Scholarship gives an opportunity for prospective students to apply for two programs simultaneously – the LPDP partnership/collaboration scholarship program and one of them from Affirmation Scholarship/Targeted Scholarship/General Scholarships for abroad destination. 

As an example, you can apply for both the General Scholarship and LPDP Partnership Priority Scholarship for the NTU Doctoral Program simultaneously. 

For better understanding, deep dive into the LPDP scholarship programs for 2024 listed below. 

General Programs 

1. Regular Scholarship 

This is for Indonesia citizens (WNI) who wish to pursue master's and doctoral degrees. 

2. World's Top Universities Scholarship (PTUD) 

This program is intended for Indonesian citizens who have received an unconditional letter of acceptance from top universities in the world to pursue master's and doctoral degrees. 

3. Partial Scholarship 

The LPDP Partial Scholarship is a joint funding scheme for Indonesian citizens. 

Targeted Scholarships   

1. Scholarships for civil servants, Indonesian National Armed Forces, and Indonesian National Police 

As the name implies, the PNS/TNI/POLRI scholarship is intended for civil servants (PNS), Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) personnel, and members of the Indonesian National Police (POLRI). 

2. Entrepreneurship Scholarship 

The LPDP Entrepreneurship Scholarship is an overseas master's degree program aimed at Indonesian citizens who run a business or are engaged in the field of entrepreneurship. 

3. Ulama Cadre Education Scholarship 

This master’s and doctorate level scholarship is offered to prospective scholars and managed directly by the Istiqlal Mosque Management Agency (BPMI) together with the Ministry of Religion and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection. 

4. Specialist and Subspecialist Doctor Scholarships 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, this scholarship program aims to nurture specialist and sub-specialist doctors in Indonesia. 

5. National Research and Innovation Talent Scholarship 

This doctoral scholarship aims to enhance the quality of human resources in national research, particularly in biodiversity, nuclear, aviation and space, and maritime. It is provided through collaboration between LPDP and Innovation Agency (BRIN). 

6. LPDP Priority Scholarship – NTU MBA Program 

In collaboration with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, this scholarship offers students the opportunity to apply for the LPDP Partnership Scholarship – NTU MBA Program and one other program. 

7. LPDP Priority Scholarship – NTU Doctoral Program 

In partnership with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, this scholarship aims to educate prospective doctoral students in STEM and Non-STEM fields. They can apply for two programs simultaneously: the LPDP Partnership Scholarship – NTU Doctoral Program and another scholarship program. 

8. LPDP Priority Scholarship – Campus France Master’s Program 

As a collaboration between LPDP and the French Government, this program focuses on producing future leaders in Indonesia to become qualified in priority development areas. Specifically designed for the master’s level, this scholarship aims to develop expertise in crucial sectors. 

9. LPDP Priority Scholarship – UC Davis Doctoral Program 

This Priority Scholarship is the result of collaboration between LPDP and the University of California Davis, USA. Students can apply for two doctoral programs in the fields of Agriculture, Environment, Engineering, and Education. 

10. LPDP Priority Scholarship – UNSW Doctoral Program 

In collaboration with the University of New South Wales, Australia, LPDP provides an opportunity for applicants to pursue a doctoral degree in the fields of renewable energy and innovation. Like other Priority Scholarships, this program lets students apply for two programs simultaneously. 

11. Diktiristek-LPDP-OKP Priority Scholarship Master's Program 

This scholarship is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology (Diktiristek), LPDP, and Nuffic Neso Indonesia. It aims to optimize resources with a focus on areas relevant and crucial for Indonesia's development and in line with the Netherlands' key expertise sectors. 

12. LPDP Priority Scholarship – NUS Entrepreneurship Master's Program 

As the name implies, this Priority Scholarship focuses on business development and technology access in entrepreneurship. As a funding collaboration between LPDP and the National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise, this scholarship aims to educate individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs, helping them initiate new ventures and cultivate successful businesses. 

Affirmation Scholarship 

1. Disability Scholarship

This program is for persons with disabilities who meet the requirements of the LPDP, including persons with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental disabilities, sensory disabilities, and multiple disabilities. 

2. Papuan Youth Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for locals of the Province of Papua, West Papua, South Papua, Central Papua, Highlands Papua and Southwest Papua who wish to pursue master's and doctoral degrees. 

3. Scholarship for Affirmation Regional 

This scholarship is given to community or groups from less developed areas     to continue their studies at the master’s or doctoral levels. 

4. Pre-Prosperous Scholarship

This program is intended for people from underprivileged families so they can continue their studies and pursue a master's degree. 

2024 LPDP scholarship registration requirements


While the requirements of each LPDP scholarship program may vary, here are the general conditions that you’ll need to meet: 

1. Be an Indonesian citizen 

2. Have completed studies in a diploma (D4) or undergraduate (S1) program to register for a master's scholarship, or a master’s (S2) to register for a doctoral scholarship 

3. Not currently studying for a master's or doctoral program at local or foreign universities 

4. Not currently applying for, will receive, or have received scholarships from other sources 

5. Choose only universities and study programs under the LPDP scholarship 

6. Fulfill the terms of service set by LPDP, such as the obligation to return and serve in Indonesia after completing your studies in accordance with the LPDP’s conditions; as well as returning to Indonesia and contributing to the country for 2 study periods plus 1 year after consecutive studies  

7. Meet the Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements 

8. Fulfill the English proficiency test score, such as the IELTS test, no more than two years prior to the scholarship application year 

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Complete IELTS preparation materials to qualify for LPDP scholarship 2024


If you choose an English-speaking country as your study destination under the 2024 LPDP scholarship, it will be important to score a sufficient grade in your IELTS test, ranging from 4.5 up to 7.0 . 

One of the most widely recognized English proficiency tests in the world, IELTS is accepted by more than 12,000 organisations globally, including universities, employers and migration authorities.  

In Indonesia, the IELTS test is available at multiple locations throughout the country with IDP, so you can easily find a test location near you. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of test date options to fit your schedule. 

If you don’t speak or use English often, here are some ways to brush up on the language and score a qualifying grade on your IELTS test for your LPDP scholarship application: 

1. Study the thesaurus to enrich your vocabulary 

2. Take a writing class to improve your writing skills 

3. Find a friend to practise speaking English with, to boost your confidence for when you need to speak directly to the examiner 

4. Speak to previous IELTS test takers to exchange tips and experiences 

5. Seek out insights from IELTS experts and leading universities through these quick videos by IDP

To ensure you obtain the best IELTS results, ensure you’re ready for the test by making use of the IELTS preparation materials available at IDP. You’ll find plenty of free resources in the form of articles, videos, and sample questions. Check out this guide that will lead you to the help you need

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