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When speaking English – whether for daily communication or during exams – Indonesian students often use the same vocabulary and repeatedly to describe certain situation or condition. For example, they are used to using the word 'hungry' to express feelings of hunger instead of 'starving'.

That generally happens because students tend to memorize rather than understand a word. When taught a vocabulary, they will remember it and use it continuously. In fact, students can learn other vocabulary so that their English skills can improve and have a more varied word.

In Indonesian, there are many choices of words that can be used to convey a condition. For example, to express joy, we can use ‘gembira’, ‘bahagia’, atau ‘riang’.

Moreover, did you know? The use of various vocabulary in the IELTS test can add some value for you. This skill shows that your knowledge and use of English is quite extensive.

So, before taking the IELTS test, it's a good idea to get prepared by increasing your English vocabulary. See the list of tips below to see what things you can do to improve them.

5 Ways to Improve Your English Vocabulary

1. Take a Writing Class

Learning new words in conversation is more difficult than practicing them in writing. Do you agree with this?

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary: 5 Tips to Follow - 1

When you write, you have complete control over the content and have enough time to think carefully about your word choice. However, when speaking, the other person at least has some control over the conversation.

By writing, you can make 'copies' of words or phrases you use successfully and then reuse them as references later. In simple terms, you practice what to say before you actually do it.

If taking a writing class is not possible, you can practice writing by yourself. Try sending longer messages to friends or family by using a new and different vocabulary.

2. Study the Thesaurus

If you're trying to combine more specific words, it's best to use a thesaurus. Thesaurus is a synonym book - it can consist of two or more words that have the same meaning.

Many people use a thesaurus to help them find the words they need. For example, when confused about a particular word, you can look up a more appropriate and effective word choice in thesaurus. Therefore, reading and understanding the content can help you improve your vocabulary knowledge.

3. Read the Dictionary

Like a thesaurus, you can also use a dictionary to improve your English skills, especially in choosing a word. Instead of just looking up the meaning of certain words, you can read a dictionary regularly to understand and memorize the meanings of new words.

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary: 5 Tips to Follow - 2

Reading a dictionary can improve your memory of what words actually mean, as well as provide an understanding of antonyms, root of words, and related words, which is a great way to improve your vocabulary.

4. Play Word Games

Word games like Scrabble or crossword puzzles can be both fun and educational. This type of game can help you improve your vocabulary with a group of friends.

If you want to get more effective results, you can keep track of each new word and its meaning by taking notes while you play. Keep the list and study its content over time.

5. Look for Practicing Partners

Improving English vocabulary by yourself can indeed be done in many ways. But it will be more fun if you have friends to study with.

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary: 5 Tips to Follow - 3

You can combine some of the tips above if you have found friends who can be asked to study. For example, while practicing writing and understanding new vocabulary, you could send the text to a friend and ask them to reply. Word games are also more fun when done in larger groups.

Besides increasing your motivation for learning, you have someone who can discuss and give each other feedback about the English you used.

Expand Your Vocabulary for the Best IELTS Test Results

From this article, you already know what things can be done to improve your English skills. Are you ready to get the best results in IELTS?

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