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The most important thing to bring on the IELTS test day is your identification, either your passport or national ID, depending on which one you used for your IELTS test registration. You will need the same identification for your IELTS Speaking test as well.

The test staff will check this before you enter the room and your IELTS Speaking test examiner will check this once again. You don’t have to bring any passport photos on the test day, as the IELTS test centre will take your photo when you register.

For the IELTS on paper test, you can bring pens, pencils and erasers, but for the IELTS on computer test, paper and pencils are provided for you. It is okay to bring a mobile phone, but you have to switch it off and place it with your other personal belongings in a special area arranged by the test supervisor.

It is not recommended to bring any valuable items with you on the IELTS test day. Electronic items are not allowed in the test room either.

Children or family members of test takers are not allowed to enter the IELTS test venue. If someone needs to wait for you, please ask them to wait outside the venue.

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Take a closer look at some of the safety measures we have introduced to help keep you safe on test day during COVID-19.