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Canada is the top choice for international students seeking quality, affordable, and globally renowned education. Moreover, it boasts an exceptional quality of life and lucrative post-study work prospects.

Top 10 Universities in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

Below are the Top 10 Universities in Canada for Sri Lankan students according to the QS World Rankings 2024:

QS World University Rankings 2024 – Top 10 universities in Canada

Sr. No.

Global rank




University of Toronto



McGill University



University of British Columbia



University of Alberta



University of Waterloo



Western University



Université de Montréal



University of Calgary



McMaster University



University of Ottawa

Admission Requirements for Universities in Canada

The following are the admission requirements to study in Canada:

For Certificate and Diploma Courses

For Post-Graduate and Masters Courses

  • Must have up to 3 years of full-time work experience

  • GMAT Scores - minimum 580-600

  • English Language Proficiency test scores such as IELTS (A cumulative band score of 6 or as per the requirements of the particular course and institution)

  • A bachelor’s degree of 4 years with an average percentage of 70%.

  • Work portfolio

  • Statement of purpose (SOP)

  • Letter of recommendation (LOR)

For Undergraduate or Bachelor’s Courses

  • Must have scored 70% in 12th grade

  • 12 grade level Maths

For an MBA in Canada

The most common requirements for studying MBA in Canada are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from a recognised university or institution.

  • Relevant work experience of 3-5 years in appropriate fields.

  • IELTS Scores (A cumulative score of 6)

  • GMAT Scores of 500-700 out of 800

English Proficiency Test Requirements to study at Universities in Canada

Since Canada is an English-speaking country, students are required to provide proof of proficiency in the English language. Among the various English language proficiency tests available, students mostly prefer IELTS. Recognised by more than 12,000 institutions worldwide, IELTS is accepted in more than 140 countries.

To be eligible for admission at one of the Canadian universities, you must obtain a minimum cumulative score of 6 on your IELTS test. The minimum IELTS score may vary between institutions. However, here’s the minimum score usually required to study in Canada:

Undergraduate Courses in Canada

[Bachelor’s, Diploma or Short-term]

Postgraduate Courses in Canada

[PG Diploma/Masters]

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Overall: Minimum 6 IELTS

Each Band: No less than 5.5

Overall: Minimum of 6.5 IELTS

Each Band: No less than 5.5 or 6.0, depending on the institution

Overall: Minimum of 6.0

Each Band: No less than 6.0

Scholarships for International Students to Study in Canadian Universities

Below are a few government-funded scholarships for Sri Lankan students to study in Canada:

S. No.

Name of the scholarship



Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

The program offers fellowships for students at various stages of their academic journey, from graduate studies to postdoctoral research. These fellowships include both research-focused and training opportunities.

Shastri Research Student Fellowship:

This fellowship allows undergraduate, master's, and M.Phil students from recognised universities to research their chosen fields at Canadian universities within the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) network. Additionally, eligible students can participate in online courses or internships these Canadian universities offer.


Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This program identifies talented students from Commonwealth nations pursuing Master's or PhD degrees through advanced study and research opportunities. The scholarship offers comprehensive support, covering travel costs, living expenses, and tuition fees.

Additional Funding Opportunity: Graduate Students Exchanges (GSEP):

This program, included within the larger scholarship scheme, provides an additional $10,000 to support students' living, travel, and other expenses during their 5-6 month exchange program in Canada.


Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program

This merit-based scholarship is open to graduate students in various disciplines pursuing their studies at Ontario universities.


Accepted offer of admission from an Ontario university

Valid study permit

Award Value:

The OGS provides financial support in increments of $5,000 per term.

Students can receive:

$10,000 for two consecutive terms

$15,000 for three consecutive terms

Award Duration:

The OGS is awarded for one academic year (two or three terms, depending on the program).

Your offer letter from the university's graduate unit will confirm the specific value and duration.


National Research Council of Canada (NRCC)

The program seeks qualified researchers with Master's degrees in Engineering or PhDs in Natural Sciences and Engineering disciplines.


Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

This program offers financial support to master's and doctoral students studying in Quebec. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and vary by program level:

Doctoral Programs: Receive $25,000 annually for up to three years, with a possible one-year extension of $1,000 monthly.

Postdoctoral Fellowships: Awarded $35,000 for one non-renewable year.

Short-Term Research/Development: Receive $3,000 monthly for up to four months.


Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Established in 2010, the OTS annually attracts talented PhD students worldwide to Ontario universities. Offering $40,000 annually for up to four years, 75 scholarships are awarded based on merit and program criteria by participating Ontario universities.


Partnership Grants by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

This grant supports innovative research projects in the social sciences and humanities, both new and ongoing. It offers funding of up to CAD 20,000 for a project duration of 4 to 7 years.


Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

This prestigious fellowship, offered by the Canadian government, supports postdoctoral researchers in natural sciences, social sciences, and healthcare for two years. The fellowship provides a competitive annual stipend of $70,000 (taxable).


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This prestigious scholarship by the Canadian government supports exceptional doctoral students at Canadian universities.

Award: $50,000 per year for three non-renewable years.

Deadline: Contact your chosen nominating institution for specific application deadlines.

Below are some non-government scholarships for Sri Lankan students to study in Canada:

S. No.

Name of the scholarship



Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

The Anne Vallée Ecological Fund awards two annual scholarships of $1,500 each to international students pursuing master's or doctoral degrees in animal research at universities in Quebec or British Columbia.


Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Several Canadian institutions offer doctoral scholarships specifically for international students. These scholarships vary in amount, but some examples include

Full Funding: $40,000 annually for three years (covers tuition and living expenses).

Partial Funding: $20,000 annually for three years (cover research and travel expenses).

Deadlines: Applications are typically due in mid-fall. Contact your IDP experts for application guidance.

Career Opportunities After Study

Canada welcomes international students, and upon graduation, you'll find a wealth of exciting career opportunities. Here are some of the popular fields in Canada:

  1. Web Developer: Build and maintain websites, ensuring peak performance. With job growth exceeding the national average, Canada offers fantastic prospects. Vancouver offers the highest salaries for front-end developers.

  2. Software Engineer: Software engineers are highly sought-after, with top salaries exceeding CA$300,000.

  3. Human Resources (HR) Manager/Recruiter: HR professionals are valued across industries and enjoy consistent demand.

  4. Registered Nurse (RN): Canada prioritises healthcare, making nursing a perennially in-demand career. The ageing population creates further job opportunities for qualified nurses.

  5. Electrical Engineer: Design, test, and manufacture electrical equipment in a growing field. Ontario and Quebec offer the most opportunities due to their strong manufacturing sectors.

  6. Aerospace Engineer: Design and develop the future of flight! With major players like Boeing and Airbus expanding, aerospace engineers are in high demand.

  7. Financial Advisor: Financial advisors enjoy healthy salaries and a variety of career paths.

  8. Pharmacist: Their role in healthcare is to dispense medications and promote wellness. Pharmacists are needed across Canada and can expect competitive salaries.

  9. Project Manager: Project management is essential in various industries, and high job growth is anticipated in the coming years.

  10. Account Manager: Account managers bridge the gap between financial institutions and clients, assessing solutions and building strong relationships. They are needed in diverse sectors, from banking to IT.

This is just a glimpse of the exciting careers waiting for you in Canada.


Every year, Canada attracts thousands of international students from across the globe to its esteemed universities. IELTS for Canada can make your application for a student visa easy. The IELTS SDS scheme only requires a cumulative band score of 6.0. Canada offers many scholarships and work opportunities to support your educational journey, making it an excellent choice for ambitious students like you.