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For over 30 years, students, aspiring migrants and jobseekers looking to embark on their overseas journeys to native English-speaking countries have placed their trust in IELTS.

But what makes the IELTS test so popular? Here are five major reasons why:

Global footprint

Our global reach extends across 140 countries. From Geneva to Jakarta, Ankara to Addis Ababa, no matter where you are, you are never too far from an IELTS test centre. Registering for an IELTS test is a breeze. All you need to do is find your nearest location, choose an available date and your test is booked.

Accepted worldwide

More than 11,500 organisations across the globe recognise IELTS as a true indicator of English language skills. From leading universities, training institutes and government departments to immigration agencies, employers, and professional and industrial organisations, IELTS remains the gold standard of English language testing.

Did you know IELTS is the only English language test accepted by all currently ranked 50 top universities of the world?


We have a foolproof system in place to ensure all tests are assessed in a fair and accurate manner. IELTS tests are designed through a rigorous process: from extensive test design and development to validation. Our team comprises of test writers from different English-speaking countries who develop the content in a way that is understandable to people of all backgrounds. The tests are then assessed by a panel of certified examiners who are trained to mark the test on clearly defined criteria.

More than just an English proficiency test

IELTS is not just a test. It’s an empowerment journey. The rigorous testing procedure drives test takers to explore IDP IELTS training resources that are designed to enable them to achieve improved results. IDP’s IELTS preparation resources include free practice tests, courses, articles and videos designed to support you on your IELTS journey. IDP IELTS test takers can attend our webinars or sign up for an IELTS Masterclass, providing an opportunity to gain valuable insights into test-taking techniques, how to avoid common mistakes and a chance to ask any questions.

IELTS can be a quick and easy way to add points to your PR application

For some permanent residency (PR) options, IELTS can be a quick path to adding valuable points to your application. For example, for Subclass190 (Skilled Nominated category), it takes at least 8 years of skilled employment in Australia to score 20 points for work experience. To secure the same amount of points for education, you would need a Doctorate (PHD) from a recognised university that can cost many thousands of dollars and take up to four years to complete. For the same PR category, you can add 20 points for English language proficiency if you score Band 8 on all IELTS test parts (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking). With a reasonable amount of practice using the right resources, at IDP we believe anyone can achieve this score.

IELTS is your launching pad to greater successes as you embark on your journey to the English-speaking world. How well you score not only depends on your individual capacity and understanding of test-taking techniques, but also on how well you handle pressure. By using the right resources and incorporating tips and advice from our IDP IELTS experts, you are better equipped to secure your desired score faster to enable you to achieve your dreams. Learn how to improve your band score:

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