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What is the IELTS Masterclass?

The IELTS Masterclass by IDP is a comprehensive, free IELTS preparation course designed to enhance your understanding and skills for the test. This masterclass covers four key areas of the IELTS test: Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking, making it an ideal choice for beginners and those looking to refine their English language skills.

Participating in this course will give you access to expert strategies, insights, and exclusive materials like the IELTS test answer key, which helps you to understand the marking rubrics to refine your answers. Whether it's the nuances of IELTS Writing or the dynamics of IELTS Speaking, this masterclass equips you with the tools to excel in your IELTS preparation journey, all at no cost.

Objectives and learning outcomes for participants

Delivered by IELTS experts, the free IELTS Masterclass will help you improve your English skills in IELTS Writing, Reading, and Speaking by:

  • Helping you understand common IELTS mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Helping you understand how IELTS is scored to improve the accuracy of your answers.

  • You will also have the opportunity to clarify all your doubts with the IELTS experts during the Q&A session!

By taking this targeted approach in your learning journey, the IELTS Masterclass enhances the efficiency of your test preparation and instils a deeper understanding and appreciation of the English language.

IELTS Masterclass structure and content

The IDP IELTS Masterclass is a free 90-minute seminar/webinar by IELTS experts. They will guide you through the four parts of the IELTS Academic and General Training tests, giving you tips and advice on understanding and acing them on test day. Here’s a look at the structure and content of the IELTS Masterclass:

IELTS Writing test: tips & tricks

Gain valuable insights into crafting high-scoring responses with the free IELTS Writing Masterclass. During this preparation course, you will learn how to structure your essays effectively and avoid common pitfalls under the guidance of the IELTS experts.

IELTS Speaking test: tips & tricks

Improve your speaking abilities with targeted advice in the IELTS Speaking test segment. During this masterclass, you will learn how to articulate your thoughts in a structured and fluent manner for a clear and coherent speech.

IELTS Reading test: tips & tricks

Enhance your reading skills with techniques taught in our IELTS Masterclass. This segment will help you swiftly identify key information and understand complex text as you prepare for your IELTS Reading test. You will also learn to tackle various question types and manage your time efficiently during the test.

IELTS Listening test: tips & tricks

Aside from writing, speaking, and reading, the free IELTS Masterclass covers essential listening strategies crucial for excelling in the IELTS Listening Test. You will learn to identify main ideas, understand different accents, and accurately note down critical information.

Band scores

Get a clear understanding of the IELTS band scores, how they are calculated, and what each level signifies during the IELTS Masterclass. The IELTS experts will also break down the assessment criteria, giving you a transparent view of what is required to attain your desired score.

Insight on how your paper is graded

Gain insights into the grading process of your IELTS tests during the free masterclass. Understand what examiners look for in your written and spoken responses, and learn how to showcase your language skills effectively. This is integral to your IELTS learning journey and is crucial for improving your performance.

Common mistakes & how to avoid them

Learn about the most common mistakes candidates make in the IELTS test and how to avoid them during the masterclass. Our IELTS experts will provide practical tips to help you avoid these errors. At the same time, this advice is essential to your IELTS course, ensuring you're well-prepared for the test day.

What you need to prepare during the day

You will receive essential tips on how to prepare on the day of your IELTS test with the free masterclass. From mental preparation to practical advice, IDP will help prepare you to take the test with confidence. This guidance is also a significant aspect of our online IELTS preparation course and in-person seminars.

Q&A with IELTS experts

Engage in a dynamic Q&A session with our IELTS experts. This is your opportunity to ask specific questions and get personalised advice. Whether you're attending our webinar or seminar, this interactive segment is the highlight of our free IELTS Masterclass.

Whether you’re joining us online or in person for the IELTS Masterclass, you will receive a helpful booklet with tips and advice on each part of the test, along with samples of the IELTS Writing responses with the examiner’s band scores and comments on performance – all at no cost.

Why choose IELTS?

Choosing IELTS for your English language assessment means opting for global recognition and credibility. Trusted by educational institutions, employers, and governments worldwide, IELTS is more than a test; it's a key to global opportunities.

Whether through an online IELTS course or a traditional classroom setting, the IELTS Masterclass will help you excel in your IELTS tests to open doors to education, career, and migration possibilities.

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  • Join us to get insider tips to help you prepare for your IELTS test.

  • Participate in the IELTS Masterclass by IDP from anywhere you feel comfortable.

All webinars will be available for you to view on demand.

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