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While TikTok is widely known for entertainment, did you know that there’s an entire pool of content creators dedicated to making educational videos?  

If you’re looking to improve your English Language skills in preparation for the IELTS or even just in general, you’ve come to the right place.  

These days, it’s becoming easier and easier to consume content right on your mobile phone, especially with social media platforms like TikTok.  

This popular video-sharing app with over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide specialises in featuring short-form content from creators around the world, making it easily digestible and engaging for users to watch.  

Here are the top 5 TikTok accounts that can show you the ropes to improve your vocabulary and grammar over time. 

5 Tiktok accounts to improve your English language skills

Speak English with Mish

Note: With the exception of the official IELTS by IDP account, IDP has no affiliation or connection to any of the products or services the featured accounts may offer.   

1. IELTS by IDP (@ielts)  


As co-owner of the IELTS test, you can count on IDP being a reliable source to prepare you for the IELTS test.  

With bite-sized informational content posted regularly, the IELTS experts break down complex concepts in a matter of seconds, making it easy for you to understand and learn various ways to improve your English language skills.  

The fun and simple animated graphics make the learning concepts much easier to comprehend and make sense of. 

Look out for helpful topics like Idiom quizzes, featured words in Word of the Week, Frequently Asked Questions answered by IELTS professionals, as well as relevant tips and tricks for the IELTS examination itself.  

2. English with Lucy

English with Lucy

Lucy Bella Earl, more commonly known as English with Lucy, is a British teacher who has dominated TikTok as one of the leading creators of educational English language content.  

She first began this online teaching project on YouTube back in 2016 and has gained a massive following with 9.37 million subscribers to date. Today, she has added TikTok to the mix and now has over 1.7 million followers on the video-sharing app.  

Given her teaching background, she specialises in British English and goes through different topics on her page such as idioms, accents, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and even fluency.   Not only does Lucy’s content cover a wide range of subject matter essential to acing the IELTS, but she also does this in an accessible manner for all her viewers.   

3. English Understood 

English Understood

English Understood is yet another great resource for students to improve their English language skills, specifically when it comes to conversations.  

This British teacher focuses more on the conversational aspect to help students in their IELTS Speaking test, one of the four papers crucial to acing the examination.  

Some examples of the topics that are focused on include conversation practice, fluency in responding quicker, and how to answer certain questions and remarks as well as providing alternative responses.  

Instead of being regimental in his practice, English Understood takes a more casual, engaging, yet informational approach to his teaching.   

4. Speak English with Mish 

Speak English with Mish

With 11 years of teaching experience under her belt, Mish of Speak English with Mish started her TikTok account in hopes of reaching more audiences and helping them build their confidence in their English language skills.  

With content primarily focused on fluency, Mish addresses pronunciation and conversation practice which allows English learners to put what they know in theory into practice.  

 She goes through common grammatical mistakes, misused phrases, and words that are similar in meaning and pronunciation to equip students with the skills needed for their IELTS examination.   

5. Speak English with Zach 

Speak English with Zach

Just like his handle suggests, Speak English with Zach teaches viewers functional ways how to speak and converse effectively in the English language.  

Whether it’s idioms, synonyms, conversation or pronunciation practice, what sets Zach apart from other educational English language content creators is his unique approach.  

Instead of simply informing students about a certain concept, he includes an element of interaction wherein he asks a question and gives viewers ample time to respond before revealing the correct answer.  

Not only does this make learning fun for viewers, but it also allows them to test their knowledge and put what they know to the test.  

Other interesting topics he goes through in his videos include the opposites of words, picture-word association, phrasal verbs, and English slang in other countries.  

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While there are many reliable sources online that can guide you in your IELTS journey, always be cautious of consuming untrustworthy content that are not backed by facts. When in doubt, head straight to official sources, such as IDP, the co-owners of IELTS.  

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