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Are you planning to study abroad, especially in an English-speaking country? This means, before realizing that dream, you must have IELTS test preparation. 

Studying abroad is a dream of many people. You can experience a new culture and environment, meet students from all over the world, and most importantly have an internationally recognized degree. 

Of course, to get these benefits, there are a series of processes that must be carried out. One of the most important things is getting the IELTS test result. 

Nowadays, IELTS learning sources and practice are not only from books or courses. You can get IELTS preparation materials from the internet, and even many mobile applications that support your IELTS test preparation.  

Here are 8 useful apps that can help your IELTS test preparation.

Must Download Apps for IELTS Test Preparation


When planning to study, work, or immigrate abroad, there are many things you must prepare for. However, the English proficiency test is not something you need to worry about because there is the IELTS by IDP app.

IELTS preparation app

Apart from IELTS preparation materials in the form of articles, webinars and videos, you can also get guidance from experts on the IELTS by IDP application. If you are ready, you can immediately register to take the IELTS test at the nearest IDP office. Just select the test date and time that suits your needs. 

No need to wait for incoming messages in email, you can get the test results through your phone directly. You can do everything easily through one app on your phone. 

2. Duolingo 

Duolingo is much more than a language learning app. Through this application, you can also prepare for the IELTS test better, starting with learning grammar and increasing your vocabulary that you may not have heard of before. 

3. Dictionary

You can use the dictionary application available on your phone to improve your English skills. When you meet a new difficult vocabulary, look up and note the meaning. In that way, you can remember it when you come across the word again. So, once you take the IELTS test later, you have many choices of words that can be used. 

Dictionary for IELTS

 4. Grammarly 

One of the skills tested in IELTS is writing skills. More specifically, you will be asked to write two essays to answer two different assignments. 

Even though it looks a lot and complicated, you don't need to worry. Through Grammarly, you can improve this skill by practicing in writing the correct English, according to its grammar and tense. This application can show you the correct sentence structure in that language and will correct typos. 

5. Recorder

To improve your speaking skill, the important thing to do is practice. Keep practicing how to pronounce English words correctly and their intonation by recording them via a voice or video recorder. After that, you can listen or watch it again to find out if there are unclear pronunciations or unsuitable word choices. 

app for IELTS speaking

6. Spotify 

Most people probably use Spotify to listen to their favorite songs. In fact, there's a lot more you can do with this app. One of them is preparing for the IELTS test! 

On Spotify, there are many English Podcasts that can improve your listening skills. Some of them also have the IELTS material itself as the topic of their Podcast. While on the road, in the car, or washing dishes at home, you can study and have IELTS test preparation while listening to Podcasts on this app. 

7. YouTube 

Like Spotify, YouTube has various videos that discuss IELTS material. You can get examples of IELTS practice questions, practice your listening skills by watching videos in English, and get tips and tricks on how to answer IELTS questions. 

8. Calendar

With the advanced features of the smartphone calendar application, you can schedule study time, activate reminders, and make to do lists of what things will be learned. After all, you can keep your preparations organized and manage study time more effectively and efficiently.  

That’s all for the eight applications that can support your IELTS test preparation. From the list above, which application have you already downloaded?