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One skill tested in the IELTS test is speaking, also known as the IELTS Speaking test. In this session, the test taker will conduct a face-to-face interview with an examiner who will assess your English vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation skills.

Since it is done directly, several mistakes might happen, especially by Indonesian students who learn English as foreign language. Common mistakes in the IELTS Speaking test they take are usually related to pronunciation and grammar.

Just thinking about having an in-person test might already feel daunting. However, there are things you can do to stay calm and get better points.

In addition to the IELTS Speaking practice test, here are examples of common mistakes and tips for avoiding them. Let’s check it!

1. Lack of Confidence

5 Common Mistakes in IELTS Speaking Test You Should Avoid - Lack of Confidence

During the IELTS Speaking test, the examiner doesn’t expect you to be proficient at speaking. It’s more than enough when you can talk normally like to your friend or maybe a co-worker. 

Being nervous is normal. Even so, speaking unclearly or too quickly will make you look less confident.

Trying to practice with other people is one way to overcome it. In addition, it is important to have good eye contact with the examiner, smiling occasionally, making hand gestures as necessary, and speaking in a polite manner.

2. Answer Silently or Add Unnecessary Filter

When you don’t understand what the examiner is saying, don’t know what to say, or need time to think, a moment of silence may be your best response. It is better than forcing your answer by adding unnecessary words like “Umm...” or “Ahh...”.

Sometimes, it is okay to be silent for a few seconds before answering the question. But if it lasts more than five seconds, it can bring a bad impact. You can ask the examiner for extra time to think or ask him to repeat the question to make it clearer.

3. Get Off the Topic of the Question

5 Common Mistakes in IELTS Speaking Test You Should Avoid - Get Off Topics

Some test takers, in the middle of their interview, forget the question and tend to drift off topic. This makes them talk more and mention other things that are unnecessary. 

Unfortunately, talking more doesn’t always get you better points. Because speaking a lot and speaking properly are two different things. 

To stay on the topic, remember that the examiner always gives direct and simple questions. It is better to answer them with 3-4 sentences, it doesn’t need to be too long.

4. Repeating the Same Word or Phrase

To get a good score on the IELTS Speaking test, you must use a varied vocabulary. This will give the impression that you are proficient and have unlimited vocabulary. 

Avoid using the same word or phrase repeatedly. You can learn synonyms or expand your vocabulary to describe the same things in different ways. 

You can read more books, watch movies, or listen to podcasts on certain topics. Every time you hear a new word, write it down and include its meaning. This method can enrich your English vocabulary more simply.

5. Poor Pronunciation with Flat Intonation

5 Common Mistakes in IELTS Speaking Test You Should Avoid - poor pronounciation

Even if you speak clearly, flat intonation will make it difficult for the examiner to understand what you are saying. It is vice versa. 

Pronunciation and intonation are two important aspects of the IELTS Speaking test. You must pay attention to how high or low the voice, pitch, and speed of speech is to keep the examiner’s attention. 

To avoid these mistakes, you can listen to conversations of native English speakers, record your speaking practice and compare it to the real voice. Repeat this as many times as possible with different accents and ways of speaking.

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At this point, you have already known which common mistakes in the IELTS Speaking test to avoid and how to overcome them. The most important of all these tips is practice, practice, and practice!

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