The IELTS Academic Listening testexternal icon is identical to the IELTS General Test. The listening test will evaluate your capacity to comprehend the key points, specifics, opinions, goals, and attitudes of the speakers, as well as your capacity to trace the evolution of ideas. 

In the listening test, you will listen to 4 recordings, and you will then have to respond to 40 questions based on these recordings. The first two recordings cover topics that you can encounter on a daily basis. The next two recordings focus on scenarios that could happen in a training or educational setting. You will hear each audio only once, and it will be a mixture of native speakers' monologues and conversations.  

Section 1 – Listening Conversation Between Two People 

This section will include two people having a conversation in a common social setting. 

Section 2 – Listening to a Monologue 

A monologue is presented in a typical social setting, such as a speech on local amenities. 

Section 3 – Listening to a Conversation Between up to 4 People 

This part will be a conversation between up to four individuals that takes place in an instructional or training setting, such as a university tutor and a student discussing an assignment. 

Section 4 – Listening to a Monologue 

A monologue on an academic subject, such as a university lecture.  

On recordings 1 and 3, you will hear a conversation between two or more people. On recordings 2 and 4, you will only hear monosyllabic speeches. You'll be asked to provide answers to questions about recordings that range from multiple choice to matching information, features, and sentence endings, as well as questions that require you to complete sentences, summaries, notes, tables, graphs, or flowcharts.  

What is the duration for the IELTS Listening Test? 

The IELTS listening test’s duration is 30 minutes. To back you up; here are some tipsexternal icon to follow during your listening test, as well as seven mistakes to avoid during your IELTS Listening testexternal icon.



What is the difference between raw scores and band scores?

The Listening and Reading parts of the IELTS test  are scored out of 40 and then converted  to a  band score which ranges  from  band 1  to  band 9.

The Listening and Reading tests contain 40 questions and each correct question will be awarded 1 mark (so the maximum a test  taker can score here is 40).  Band scores, ranging from band 1 to band 9, are  awarded based on the raw scores.  

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