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Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19external icon, IELTS in Australia was one of the few locations around the world that kept testing. Consequently, this minimised disruption to life-changing opportunities for international studentsexternal icon already on-shore. But also for those who needed an English language proficiency test for migrationexternal icon

To ensure the health and safety of our test takers and teams, IELTS implemented strict physical distancing procedures and additional hygiene practices. 

We made some changes to test day arrangementsexternal icon. This includes asking you to sign a health declaration. Also, we invite test takers, test day staff and examiners to wear masks. Sometimes wearing masks is even required. Additionally, we conduct temperature checks. Of course, hand sanitiser is readily available and test rooms are frequently disinfected and deep-cleaned. Other measures we put in place are the spacing in test rooms, reduced testing groups, and participation in IELTS on computerexternal icon test. 


"Absolutely fine. No issues with the video versus face-to-face. Would recommend. Good quality video and sound."

Video Call Speaking test for IELTS

With IELTS on computerexternal icon, we quickly adapted test day arrangements to adhere to government requirements. As a result, this provides a greater flexibility for test takers and organisations who rely on IELTS results. 

Furthermore, Australia test centres introduced Video Call Speaking testsexternal icon as an interim safety measure. 

We deliver Video Call Speaking tests over a secure video call by a certified IELTS Speaking examiner. This enables a real-life, real-time two-way communication. Just like in the face-to-face IELTS Speaking testsexternal icon

Video Call Speaking tests are exactly the same as the in-person Speaking test. They are the same in terms of content, scoring, timing, question format and security arrangements. 

IDP Sydneyexternal icon and Macquarie Universityexternal icon were the first to launch Video Call Speaking tests, which was received positively by our test takers.

"The examiner was lovely. I felt at ease, comfortable at all times. When my time was up in certain parts I was stopped in a way that was appropriate rather than being cut off." 

Computer-delivered IELTS

We continue to run IELTS on computerexternal icon. We adapt test day arrangements. IELTS continues to support test takers achieve their work and migration goals during this difficult period.