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IELTS is one of the leading high stakes English-language tests in the world for study, work, and migration. We are here to guide, support, and help you to achieve your goals. Your success is our goal. Rather than we tell about our services, let's hear from our test takers on how IELTS has been a part of their journey to success.

Hear tips and advice from test takers who have achieved their goals to study or work in a country, or to migrate to a whole new life in a different country. Our test takers advise you to prepare well, give quick tips about using the free and paid resources offered to you by IELTS. They also retell their test experiences, outlining the support they needed and the basic tips they followed to perform their best on a test day.

Read through their journeys and how IELTS has helped them achieve their work, study and migration goals. Get inspired and follow the lead to take IELTS successfully.


Can I use my IELTS Academic results for migration purposes?

IELTS Academic and General Training are two wholly separate types of test, for two different purposes. While some individual organisations may accept an Academic result in the place of a General Training one, this decision is up to them. You will need to contact your specific organisation to learn more.

Female test taker checks her IELTS results on her phone

IELTS success stories

A compilation of IELTS success stories with many different test takers sharing their experiences and how IELTS helped shape their global career.