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Mother's Day IELTS Exclusive Promotion

On Mother's Day, 12th May (Sunday), take the “IELTS on Computer” test and receive the following gifts on the spot*:

  • INNISFREE Green Tea Duo Kit (valued at HKD$75)

  • Supermarket Gift Voucher (valued at HKD$100)

*The promotion is only applicable to test takers who take the IELTS test on Mother's Day. Gifts will be distributed immediately after the test and are available while supplies last. Terms and conditions apply.

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IELTS 7.5 Workshop

An exclusive IELTS workshop tailored for teachers will take place on 11 May (Saturday) and 23 May (Thursday).

Principals, English teachers, educators, and teachers are warmly invited to join. Unlocking Success at IELTS 7.5.

Limited slots available, register now to secure your spot! *


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IDP IELTS Limited Time Offer*

Starting from today, test takers who apply with IDP Education for any IELTS test sessions (on computer or paper) are eligible to get:

  1. Free "AI-powered IELTS Practice Test" (all 4 skills x30days) - Instant result

  2. Free "IELTS Macquarie Practice Test" (all 4 skills x4days or 1 skill x30days)

  3. Free spot to "IELTS Expert Seminar"

Apply for IDP IELTS tests and unlock special limited-time offers now!

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IELTS Promotion Offer:

1. IELTS Macquarie Practice Test - improved exercise developed by Macquarie University experts (More)

Choose your personalised online study program and learn at your own pace with a range of comprehensive learning materials covering all sections of the IELTS Academic and General Training tests. The New offer package allows test takers to choose from two study packages:

  • All skills package: Free access to all four skills for 4 days, or

  • One skill package: Free access to 1 skill for 30 days

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Depending on the free study package selected, you may choose from up to:

  • 150+ grammar and vocabulary lessons

  • 100+ practice questions and quizzes

  • 60+ expert guided tutorial videos

  • 14 sample writing assessments with model responses

  • 8 mock tests with feedback

  • 7 speaking assessments

2. 30 Days of Free AI-powered IELTS Practice Test - practise all 4 components and get your instant result with AI big data (More)

IDP IELTS aims to improve your IELTS score with AI-powered IELTS Practice Test, developed by TestGilder.

In the program, there are 8 IELTS mock test set, 100 AI Correction credit (for Speaking & Writing). 780 practices questions and 34 in-depth lecture are provided.

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For more information, please contact IDP IELTS at 2179 3600

IELTS Registration and Important Notes

IELTS Registration process is very simple. To register for an IELTS test, you could either apply in person at the IDP Education Hong Kong Wan Chai Office, or more conveniently, simply register online. IELTS test fee is HKD $2,380. Registration and payment must be completed within 24 hours, and your admission document, dates and time of both your written and speaking tests will be sent to you 7 days prior to the test. You must arrive early on the test day to register and store your personal belongings. Please bring along your ID and admission document for verification, and have your fingerprint scanned before entering the test venue.

(Caution: Customer services, like registration, change test date, collect IELTS result, will ONLY be available at IDP Education Wan Chai Office. Locations other than this, are where IELTS exam take place)

IELTS reflects the ability to communicate in English and assess a wide range of skills. Therefore, it is important to develop your test taking strategies. Candidates should make full use of the official test preparation resources, such as the free IDP IELTS expert seminar, online mock tests, online practices and so on. As long as you have a clear understanding of the content, format and scoring criteria of the test and leverage our preparation resources, it would be easy to score well!

Redemption Method

Please visit IDP Education (Wanchai Office) in-person with the "Payment confirmation" email and original ID document to collect the gift. The login for the "IELTS Macquarie Practice Test" and the "AI-powered IELTS Practice Test" can be applied via email. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for details.


* ”IDP IELTS Limited Time Offer" Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is valid from the promotion period. It is only applicable for candidates who register with IDP Education for any IELTS on Computer or on Paper test session. (The “Eligible Candidate”) (Note: IELTS tests do not include IELTS Life Skill)

  2. Eligible Candidates have to redeem on/before registered test date, whichever is earlier. Late redemption will not be accepted.

  3. The login details for the “IELTS Macquarie Practice Test” will be sent to each candidate by email once the application is verified. Upon activation, candidate can choose to access to all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Oral) for 4 days, or access to 1 skill for 30 days.

  4. If candidates need the “AI-powered IELTS Practice Test”, they may send to their full name and test date to The login details for "AI-powered IELTS Practice Test" will be sent to each candidate by email within one to three working days once a candidate’s identity is verified.

  5. The login for the "AI-powered IELTS Practice Test", "IELTS Macquarie Practice Test" are valid for at most 30 days once the account is activated. The login for both of these is no longer valid after candidate attends the IELTS test.

  6. Each eligible candidate is entitled to obtain one login to access "AI-powered IELTS Practice Test", "IELTS Macquarie Practice Test" for free.

  7. In case of dispute, IDP Education Limited (Hong Kong) reserves the right to the final decision.