Three female IELTS Test takers preparing for the test.

Article materials for IELTS test preparation

Learn from IELTS Experts, former test takers and more. Unlock handy tips to achieve your desired IELTS band score.

Preparing for each IELTS skill

From pronunciation to punctuation, coaching to comparisons: find what you need to prepare for each IELTS test skill here.

IELTS myths, marking and common mistakes to avoid

Have you been tricked by an IELTS myth? Or are you curious to know how the IELTS test is marked, and what common mistakes to avoid? Set the record straight now.

Preparing for test day

So, you’ve booked your IELTS test and your study is on track. Make your test day experience as smooth as possible with these helpful tips.

Immigration and visa information

Find out how the IELTS test can help you achieve your work, study, or migration dreams here.