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IDP IELTS Official Registration Agents

IDP IELTS Referral Partners play a pivotal role in guiding and assisting test takers throughout the IELTS journey. Committed to transparency, they furnish comprehensive details on the IELTS test and registration process. Utilizing the Online Registration System (ORS), they facilitate seamless registrations, utilizing a dropdown link to specify the referring agent. Their role extends to offering guidance on online application completion, ensuring test takers navigate the process with ease. Meticulously trained staff provide accurate information, enhancing the overall registration experience. Referral Partners ensure prompt payment collection, with fees received within 48 hours of registration, ensuring swift processing. Operating with integrity, Referral Partners use IDP/IELTS logos solely for the purpose of delivering exceptional services, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining high standards throughout the IELTS journey.

IDP IELTS Partners (Philippines)

What are the benefits of becoming a partner with IDP IELTS?

Cevas IELTS Review Center - Agent's Night (Philippines)

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Here are the steps to become a partner with IDP IELTS:

  1. Fill out this form.

  2. Once filled out, send it to

  3. Complete requirements and send your available time and date for a meeting/presentation.