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IELTS registration: Early booking advised for preferred exam dates

You have to do your IELTS Test Registration before you can be placed on the list for a particular test date. As our slots fill up quickly, it is recommended that you make your IELTS exam booking as soon as possible. Be aware that registration for a particular test date is based on payment of the test fee on a first come first served basis.

Deadline of IELTS test registration in Philippines

The deadline for submission of application is set three weeks prior to a certain test date. View the latest test dates to start preparing. 

Step-by-step IELTS registration guide

Here’s how to book the IELTS exam and secure your place in the test:

1. Inquire about IELTS requirements from institutions 

IDP IELTS has different types of modules and tests. Colleges, universities, academic institutions, governments, companies, or employers require a specific type of test with different minimum band scores. These requirements will vary based on the course or profession. CEFR scores have equivalent IELTS band scores. Determine which IELTS band score is required by researching the CEFR IELTS comparison chart.

2. Select your IELTS test date and location

Click here to browse IDP’s test locations and schedules. Prepare a valid government ID, as well as payment for your chosen test.

Test Format

Test Fee

Standard IELTS Test (Academic or General Training Module)

PHP 12,720

Computer-Delivered Standard IELTS Test (Academic or General Training Module)

PHP 12,720

IELTS for UKVI (Academic or General Training Module)

PHP 13,100

Computer-Delivered IELTS for UKVI (Academic or General Training Module)

PHP 13,100

IELTS Life Skills (A1/B1)

PHP 9,890

Standard IELTS One Skill Retake

PHP 7,780

UKVI IELTS One Skill Retake

PHP 8,500

3. Identify acceptable government-issued IDs for IELTS registration

Only the following valid government-issued IDs are accepted for IELTS registration:

  • Passport (valid at least 6 months before test date)

  • Philippine National ID - Include card version only (not electronic/paper)

  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID with date of birth

  • Social Security System (SSS) ID with date of birth

  • Government Services Insurance System (GSIS) ID

  • Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID)

4. Complete your IELTS exam registration online

Choose which type of test you will be registering for. After choosing the module required, test date and test location, click on “Continue” and “Create New User”. Register with your e-mail address and fill out the candidate details required. Upload a scanned copy of an accepted valid ID. NOTE: The online IELTS test registration procedure has a time limit of 30 minutes only.

5. Navigate the IELTS exam fee payment process

You may choose to pay for your IELTS test offline or online. If you choose offline, the options are through Metrobank or Dragonpay.

A. Metrobank bills payment

For Metrobank payments, please click here.

B. Offline payment

Pay through Dragonpay. Dragonpay can receive payments through various channels like bayad centers, 711, SM payment center, LBC, and to various banks.

C. Online payment: Paypal


a. Paypal has security protocols that require candidates to have stable internet connection. 

b. Payments should be settled within 48 hours after registering for your IELTS test. Otherwise, your exam booking will be canceled.

D. Bank transfer

We recommend transferring your payment through Metrobank for a more streamlined transaction process.

E. G-Cash bank transfer payment

6. Receive your IELTS payment confirmation

You will receive a payment confirmation through the e-mail you registered with us once your payment has been received. A subsequent test confirmation e-mail will be sent days before the test date, which will indicate your final test venue and schedules. If you have yet to receive your test details 3 days before your scheduled date, kindly give us a call at (+632) 8535 3320.

What to expect on test day?

On the day of your IELTS exam, make sure you arrive on time as there won’t be any special accommodation made if you fail to be present for any of the test’s four sections. Additionally, remember to bring the same ID you used for your online IELTS exam booking. This is vital because your identity needs to be verified with the exact document you registered with. Failing to present the correct ID will unfortunately result in the loss of your test fee, as the exam center must maintain strict adherence to identification protocols for the integrity of the examination process. Therefore, double-check that you have your proper ID as you prepare for your test day.

Rescheduling or canceling your IELTS exam

If you wish to defer to another test date, please be guided by the Refunds and Transfers Policy here.

Refund/Transfer form is available in the Downloadable Forms.

Frequently asked questions about IELTS exam registration

Can I register for the IELTS exam offline?

Yes, offline IELTS exam registration is possible. Simply visit your closest IDP branch, bringing a clear, color scan or photo of your passport and settle your payment. For more information on how to book the IELTS exam offline, don’t hesitate to reach out to our IELTS Customer Service at the front desk. 

How can I find available test dates and locations?

To find available test dates and locations, you should visit our IDP IELTS website for comprehensive information on upcoming test dates, the types of tests available (Academic or General Training), and the locations at which they're administered. From there, candidates can easily navigate through available options and choose a suitable date and location for their IELTS exam booking.

What are the payment options for the IELTS exam?

Payment options for the IELTS exam registration vary depending on the specific test centre and whether you're registering online or offline. Common payment methods include credit or debit card, bank transfer, and cash or cheque at the test center. Some centers may also offer additional options like PayPal, G-Cash, or other local payment services. Ensure you check the available payment options during your IELTS registration process to select the one most convenient for you.

Can I change my test date after registering?

Yes, you can change your IELTS test date after registration, but specific rules apply. If you're more than 14 calendar days out from the test, you can change your date. However, you must choose a new date within three months of the original; otherwise, it's considered a cancellation. This can be done only once per exam booking, with a PHP 1,000.00 fee. If you're within 14 days of the test, transfers depend on exceptional circumstances and may be deemed cancellations.

What if I need to cancel my IELTS exam registration?

If you need to cancel your IELTS exam registration, you can do so by informing your test center. The refund you receive depends on the cancellation timing. More than 14 days before the test, you get a 75% refund. If you cancel within 14 to two days before the test, it's a 50% refund. A cancellation within two days grants you 25%, and there's no refund if you cancel on or after the test day.

How do I know my IELTS registration was successful?

Your IELTS registration is confirmed successful when you receive a payment confirmation email after your transaction is processed. Following this, a test confirmation email will be dispatched days prior to your test, specifying your final venue and schedule. Should you not receive these details three days before your test, please contact us directly at (+632) 8535 3320.

What should I do if I haven’t received confirmation of my registration?

If you haven't received your IELTS exam registration confirmation, first check your spam or junk email folders as it might have been filtered there. Alternatively, reach out to IDP to verify your IELTS registration status and ensure you're set for the exam.

Can I choose which section of the IELTS exam to take first?

No, in the IELTS exam, the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections are taken in one sitting, with no breaks in between. The Speaking test, however, can be scheduled up to 7 days before or after the other sections, depending on the test center's availability. While the sequence for the first three components is fixed, some centers may offer flexibility in scheduling the Speaking section to accommodate your convenience. You'll begin with Listening, proceed to Reading, and then Writing. The Speaking test's timing varies by location.

What happens if I am late or miss my scheduled IELTS exam?

If you miss your scheduled IELTS exam due to a serious medical condition, you must submit a medical certificate within five days of your test date to be eligible for a refund, though a local administrative cost will be deducted. However, if you fail to show up on the test day without any prior notice, you will forfeit your entire test fee.

Can I retake the IELTS exam if I’m not satisfied with my score?

Yes, you can retake the IELTS exam. There's no time limit on when you can sit for the test again, but it's highly recommended that you engage in additional study before proceeding with the exam booking. For more guidance on how to book the IELTS exam for retesting, speak to our customer service at the front desk or message us to learn more.

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